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Bible and World Events (AD)


Saddles first used in Europe

AD 1



Herod the Great Dies

AD 4



Paul is born, Judea becomes a Roman province: Jesus visits the Temple as a boy

AD 5



Most of Anatolia under Rome by-

AD 6



Zealots in Judea rebel against Rome

AD 7



Tiberius succeeds Caesar Augustus as Roman emperor

AD 14



Tiberius Caesar ruled. Ministries of John the Baptist & Jesus took place at this time

AD 14

AD 37


Cappadocia annexed by Rome

AD 18


Pontius Pilate

AD 26/27

AD 36/37


John the Baptizeer begins his ministry

AD 26/27



Jesus begins His ministry

AD 26/27

Approximate at the age of 30


Jesus begins Galilean Ministry, From Cana heals Mobelman's son at Capernaum, visits Nazareth and is rejected: Makes Capernaum His Headquarters: Calls Simon, Andre, James and John: Heals Demoniac, Peter's Mother-in-law, Many Others: Journeys about, Heals a Leper, and Paralytic: Calls Matthew: Questions about fasting and Sabbath.

December AD 27



Jesus visits Jerusalem, Heals on Sabbath, Arouses opposition of Rules, Asserts His Deity, Retruns to Balillee MIDSUMMER: Journeys, Multitudes, Miracles, Fame, the Twelve Chosen, Sermon on the Mount, Journeys about, Speaks Many Parables: Heals the Gerasene Demoniacs, Raises Jairus' daughter from the Dead, Is accused of being in League with Geelzebub, Raises the widow of Nain's son from the dead, Receives Messengers from John the Bapitist, VISITS NAZARETH AGAIN: Heals Centurion's servant, forgives sinful woman

Passover AD 28



The Twelve sent forth: Passover: The twelve return, John the Baptist beheaded, The 5,000 Fed, Jesus walks on the water, Discourses on the bread of life, Refuses popular demand to be King, Heals many, discourses on defilement, Unbraids Cities "Come unto Me" RETIRES TO THE NORTH: Syrophoenician Woman, RETURNS TO GALILEE: Deaf Mute Cured, 4,000 Fed, At Magdala, "Sign of Johah" Blind man healed, OCTOBER: Visits Jerusalem, Discourses, Woman taken in Adultery, Blind man healed, open conflict with rulers, RETURNS TO GALILEE: RETIRES TO CAESAREA-PHILIPP, Peter's confession, the transfiguration, the Epileptic Boy, Passion Foretold three times. IN GALILEE AGAIN: Tax Money, "Who is the Greatest?" "Children", "Unknown Wonder Worker", "Forgiventess" DECEMBER ? FINAL DEPARTURE FROM GALILEE

February AD 29


Egypt made Roman Province

AD 30


Acts 7 & 8

Dispersiaon of Church - stoning of Stephen

AD 31

AD 32

Acts 9

Conversion of Saul

AD 31

AD 32

John 6:4


AD 32



The Apostolic Ministry begins

AD 33


Crustification of Christ: Friday April 3 Jesus decends into Hell: Then Ascens to heaven

AD 33


Jesus' Church begins in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost

AD 33


Paul's first visit to Jerusalem after his conversion

AD 34

AD 35


Cornelius, The Gentile Conversion

AD 35

AD 40


Paul's conversion on Damascus Road

AD 35



Roman lets Aretas control Damaseus

AD 37

Death Ad 39


Herod Agrippa appointed King of Judea

AD 40


Acts 11

Reception of Gentiles at Antioch

AD 42



London Founded: First definite reference to diamonds

AD 43


Acts 11:27

Second visit to Jerusalem by Paul

AD 44


Acts 13 & 14

First Missionary Journey Galalic by Paul

AD 45

AD 48


Paul's 1st & 2nd missionary journeys in Asia Minor

AD 46

AD 53


Paul to jerusalem the second time

AD 47

AD 48

Acts 15

Council at Jerusalem

AD 50



Romans begin using soap

AD 50


Acts 16-18

Second Missionary Journey Greece by Paul

AD 50

AD 53


Battle of Carrhae

AD 53



Emperor Claudius poisoned by older of his wife: Nero becomes Emperor

AD 54


Acts 19

Paul reached Ephesus

AD 54


Acts 19 & 20

Third Missionary Journey Ephesus, by Paul

AD 54

AD 57


Paul writes Romans: Paul imprisoned in Casesarea

AD 57


1st Cor 16:8

June Paul left Ephesus

AD 57


1st Cor 16:5-8

Summer and Fall Paul in Maccdonia

AD 57


Acts 20: 2-3

Three Months winter Paul in Corinth.

AD 57

AD 58

Acts 20:6

Paul left Philippi in April

AD 58


Acts 20:16

Paul reached Jerusalem in June

AD 58


Acts 24,25,26

Paul in Caesarea Summer AD 58 to Fall AD 60

AD 58

AD 60

Acts 24:27

Festus appointment as Governor at Caesarea

AD 60



Paul writes "prison letters"

AD 60



James written

AD 60

Acts 27, 28

Paul's winter Rome Voyage

AD 60

AD 61


Paul in Rome two years

AD 61

AD 63


Acts Written

AD 62

James was martyed

AD 62



Paul is released from prison

AD 62



Apostles slain except John

AD 63

AD 67

Paul moved to Asia Minor and remaind for about a year

Spring AD 63

Spring AD 64


Fire burns much of Rome, Nero blames Christians for setting it

AD 64



Syria annexed by Prompey

AD 64

AD 64


Painting on Canvas

AD 66


Paul went for his second imprisonment and he wrote 2nd Timothy

Fall AD 67


Paul is martyred

AD 67



Romans destroy a Jewish religious commune at Qumran, Before they were captured, the hid their library of the Bible manuscripts in a cave by the Dead Sea (discovered in 1948)

AD 68


Gospel of John is written

AD 70


Jerusalem and the temple destroyed by the Roman emperor Tisus

AD 70




AD 70

AD 312


Romans destroy Jerusalem

AD 70



960 Jews commit mass suicide at Masada while under Roman attack

AD 73



China opens silk trade wtih the West

AD 74



Rome begins construction of famous Colosseum

AD 75


Jude is written

AD 75


Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupts, killing 30,000 people and burying cities of Pompii and Herculaneu

AD 79


The Three Epistle of John is written

AD 85


Apostle John writes Revelation

AD 95/96



Emperor Trojan

AD 98

AD 117


Beginning of Apostasy

AD 100


Emperor Hadrian

AD 117

AD 138

Deut 28:64

Jew scattered among all nations

AD 135


Emperor Antoninus Plus

AD 138

AD 161


Emperor Marcus Aurelius

AD 161

AD 180


Irenaeus became Bishop

AD 177



Tartars and Turks

AD 180

Emperor Septimus Severus

AD 193

AD 211


Persecution of the Christians and Jews

AD 200

Emperor Decius

AD 249

AD 251

Emperor Valerian

AD 253

AD 260


Emperor Contantine the Great

AD 272

AD 337


Emperor Diocletian

AD 274

AD 313


Age of Christian Roman Empire

AD 312

AD 590


Constantine the Great declared Sunday as the day of rest

AD 321


Council of Nicea called by Constantine the Great

AD 325

Arianism condemned

AD 325


Christian Emperors

AD 325


Christianity became popular

AD 330


Constantine converted to Christianity

AD 330


Emperor Julian

AD 332

AD 363


Christianity became the state religion

AD 380


Fall of Rome to the Visigoths

AD 410


Vandals in France

AD 425

AD 534


Attila the Hun

AD 434

AD 453


St. Patrick in Ireland

AD 450


Theodoric the Great

AD 454


Division of West Rome

AD 476


Hopwell Culture

AD 500


Christianity Speads

AD 500

Dan 8:13, 12:11

Catholicism set up by Justinian

AD 538



AD 571


The Christian Middle Ages

AD 590

AD 1517


England Converted

AD 597


China: Christianity Introduced

AD 627


Bagdad founded

AD 762


Charlemagne restored the West Roman empire

AD 800


Kingdom of england founded

AD 827


Maya power in New Mexico collapes

AD 900

AD 1100


China: Invention of block-printing by Feng-To

AD 900


Leif Ericson reaches North America

AD 1000


Split between the East Orthodox and the West Catholics Churches

AD 1054


Decree of election of Popes

AD 1059


Jews terribly persecuted

AD 1087

AD 1294


Thomas Aquinas: Formulated Christian docrine using the raional mehod. "Summa Theologica" which he wrote is still widely read

AD 1224

AD 1274


Jews driven from England

AD 1290


The Ottoman Empire founded

AD 1299


John Wyclif: English reformer, denounced the worldiness of the popes and emphasized the spiritual freedom of the righteous man.

AD 1320

AD 1384


John Hus-Czech reformer, viewed Christ as the Head of the Church, not the Pope.

AD 1369

AD 1415


Jews driven from France

AD 1395


Aztec Empire

AD 1400

AD 1519


European slave trade begins

AD 1400


Christopher Columbus was born

A D 1451


Martin Luther-Father of Reformation

A D 1453

A D 1546


Spanish Inquisition

AD 1480


Teachings of Martin Luther

AD 1489

Ad 1546


Columbus discovered America

AD 1492 Oct 12


Jews driven from Spain and Sicily

AD 1492


China: Christianity spreads by Jesuits

AD 1500s

Age of Reason and Revival

A D 1517

A D 1648


Slavery introcuced into West Indies

AD 1517

Protestants in Zurich begin believers baptism

AD 1525



Split Anglican Church (IE piscopal)

AD 1534

King Henry VIII was declared head of the Church of England

AD 1534


First edition of the Old Bible by Cloverdate

AD 1535

John Calvin writes "Institutes of the Christian Regligion"

AD 1536


Menno Simons begins leading Mennonitemovement

AD 1537



Scripture reading forbidden at Council of Trent

AD 1545


Oliver Cromwell born

AD 1559



AD 1560


William Shakespeare is Born

AD 1564


Massacre of ST. Bartholomew

AD 1572


Japan: persecution of Christians

AD 1600

Members of a house church in England, illegal at the time, forced into Exile

AD 1607



Revised Standard Version of the King James Version

AD 1611


John Smythe and other Puritans formed the First Baptist Church

AD 1612


Slavery in America

AD 1619

Congregationalists called Pilgrins sailed on Mayflower to Plymouth, now Massachusetts

AD 1620


Westminster standards defines Presbyterian

AD 1643

AD 1649


Confederation of North England Colonies

AD 1643


Religious Cociety of Friends (Quakers)

AD 1647


Bible published in Algonkian Native American Language

AD 1661

Quakar, William Penn founds Pennsylvania

AD 1682



Salem Witchcraft

AD 1692


Benj. Ftanklin is born

AD 1706


Anglicans Church (Episcopal) into Methodist

AD 1738


Thomas Jefferson is born

AD 1743


First Black Baptist Church in America

AD 1773

AD 1775

United States Revolutionary

AD 1775

AD 1782


Electricity by Benjamin Franklin

AD 1757

United States Declaration of Independence

AD 1776


USA Methodists form seperate church body

AD 1784


Preslyterian Church (USA) first organized

AD 1789


Methodists into the African Methodist Episcopal (AME)

AD 1814

Greece's Independents

AD 1830


Ston's Christians unite with Thomas and Alexander Campbell's believers to form Disciples of Christ

AD 1832

British abolishes West Indies Slavery

AD 1832


William Miller's prediction that Christ's advent would return would occur 1844

AD 1844


Slavery Ends in America

AD 1865

Telephone Invented

AD 1876



Salvation Army

AD 1880


Revised Standard Version of the RV

AD 1885


Christian and Missionary Alliances

AD 1887





Pentecostal into Church of God (TN)

AD 1897



Revised Standard Version of the ASV

Ad 1901


Methodists into Pentecostal

AD 1901

Pentecostal Assemlies Church

AD 1907



Pentecostal Assembies

AD 1907


Church of the Nazarene

AD 1908

Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center

AD 1910

AD 1997

World War I

AD 1914

AD 1918


Age of Ideologies

A D 1914

A D 1996


Goodspeed-Edgear J. of the University of Chicago produces the New Testment "An American Translation"

AD 1923


The Old Testament in An American translation was issued

AD 1927



Goodspeed's Translation of the Apocrypha appeared.

AD 1938




World War II

AD 1939

AD 1945

Japan: Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

AD 1945



In America the Revised Standard Version of the bible first appeared

AD 1946

Israeli War of Independence

AD Nov 1947

AD July 1949

Thomas Cranmer produced the first Book of Common Payer

AD 1549


Israeli: Reprisal Operations

AD 1950s

AD 1960s


Both the New and Old Testament of the Rvised Standard Version appeared in America

AD 1952


The Apocrypha appeared in America

AD 1952


Israeli: Suez Cristis October

AD 1956

Russian Sputnik: First into space

AD 1957








Berlin Wall

AD 1961

AD 1989


New Edition of the RSV appeared with 85 minor changes in Wording

AD 1962


A Catholic Edition of the RSV New Testament appeared

AD 1964


American Bible Society issuied "Todays English Version" also call "Good News for Modern Man

AD 1964


New and Old Testament of the Catholic Edition came out of the RSV

AD 1966


Israeli: Six-Day War June

AD 1967


Israeli: War of Attrition

AD 1967

AD 1970


US Astronauts land on the moon

AD 1969


Israeli: Palestinian Insurgency in Sout Leganon

AD 1971

AD 1982


Israeli: Yom Kippur War October 6 to October 26

AD 1973





Israel: Lebanon war

AD 1982


Israel: Lebanon Conflict war

AD 1985

AD 2000


Israel: First Intifada Uprising

AD 1987

AD 1993

Rawandian Genocide

AD 1994



Israel: Second Intifada began in late Septermber 2000

AD 2000

AD 2005


Japan: Tsunami kills 20,000

AD 2004


Israel: Lebanor War 12 July til 14 August

AD 2006




Israel: Gaza War December 2008--January 2009

AD 2008

AD 2009

China: China becomes 2nd largest world economy

AD 2011


Israel: Operation Pillar of Defense November

AD 2012

Israel: Operation Protective edge July--Augus

AD 2014

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