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VAGABOND (WANDERER) -- A fugitive or wanderer. Cain's curse for murdering his brother Abel was life as a fugitive. Gen 4:12 The Vagabond Jews Acts 19:13

VALE OF SIDDIM -- Near the Dead Sea where Sodom and Gomorrah were located was a valley of tar pits Gen 14:2-10

VALLEY OF DRY BONES -- Ezekiel's vision where Ezekiel addressed the bones, which represent Israel's exile in a foreign land, they came to life by God's Spirit. God was giving him assurance that His people would return one day to their native land Ezek 37:1-14

VANITY -- Futility and emptiness. Life is empty and vain unless it is lived in obedience to God and His will Ecc 12:13

VASHTI -- The queen of Ahasuerus of Persia, Vashti fell from Ahasuerus (Xerxes) favor for refusing the king's command to appear with the royal court and was replaced by Esther as queen of Persia Esther 1:9 - 2:2, 15-17

VAU -- Used as a heading over Ps 119:41-48 The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

VEIL (1.) A curtain or screen which separated the holy place and the holy of holies in the temple and tabernacle. At Christ's death this veil was torn to symbolize direct access of all people to God's salvation through Jesus Christ. Matt 27:51 Curtain: NIV, NRSV Heb 4:14-16
(2.) NIV word used for Muffler

VENISON (GAME) -- Using the flesh for food of any wild animal. Esau was a cunning hunter Gen 25:27-28

VENOM (POISON) -- Secreted by animals such as snakes and scorpions a poisonous fluid. The word is also used figuratively of the destructive power of win Deut 32:33

VERMILION -- A substance which was bright red used for ornamentation and painting of houses and images Ezek 23:14

VIA DOLOROSA -- This name does not appear in the bible, but it is the name meaning "way of sorrow" for the traditional route which Jesus took form Pilate's judgment hall to Calvary for His crucifixion. The Romans in A.D 70 destroyed Jerusalem which was then rebuilt so it is impossible to determine the precise route.

VIAL (FLASK) -- A container, bottle, or flash used to hold oil or other liquids 1st Sam 10:1

VILLAGE -- A small town or a collection of houses not protected by a defensive wall Ezek 38:11

VINE -- A plant which bore grapes and the word is also used figuratively of Israel Hos 10:1 In John 15:1 Jesus referred to Himself as the "true vine"

VINE OF SODOM -- It grew near the Dead Sea and produced a beautiful fruit that was unfit to eat, A plant, It is a fitting description used of Israel's idolatry Deut 32:32

VINEGAR (SOUR WINE) A drink or beverage consisting of a strong drink or wine that turned sour after being excessively fermented. Jesus on the cross was offered this drink. Matt 27:34

VINEYARD -- An orchard or field of grapevines. The word is also used symbolically for Israel Ps 80:8 , 15-16

VINTAGE -- The time of year where grapes were ripe and was the time for making wine. Shouts of joy as the grapes were gathered Jer 25:30 placed in baskets and carried to the wine-press Jer 6:9

VIOL (LYRE) -- Probably similar to the psaltery but a stringed musical instrument. Isa 5:12

VIRGIN -- A term generally used for a young unmarried woman. Gen 24:16

VIRGIN BIRTH -- The Virgin Mary's miraculous conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit. The Prophet Isaiah foretold this event Isa 7:14 Revealed to Mary by an angel Luke 1:26-33

VIRTUE -- A characteristic of Jesus Luke 6:19 a Moral excellence in association with ability and power.

VOCATION (CALLING) -- Based on God's grace and purpose a calling II Tim 1:9 Paul wanted believers to "Walk worthy" of their Christian vocation Eph 4:1

VOID (EMPTY) -- Empty, containing nothing, as the earth was formless and void before God filled it with life through His creative power Gen 1:2

VOW -- Asking for some expected benefit for giving a pledge or agreement to perform a service for God Gen 28:20-22

VOW OFFERING -- When making a vow to the Lord a gift or freewill offering which accompanied it. Deut 23:23

VULTURE (RED KITE, BUZZARD -- A large bird that was considered unclean becasue it feeds mostly on dead animals or other wastes. Lev 11:14