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DAGON -- The Philistines chief pagan god which had the head of a man and the tail of a fish. In the pagan temple at Ashdod this idol fell before the ark of the covenant. I Sam 5:1-5

DALETH -- Used as a heading over Ps 119:25-32 and the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

DALMANUTHA -- Jesus' visited this place on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee Mark 8:10

DALMATIA -- Titus visited this province on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea II Tim 4:10

DAMARIS -- Converted under Paul's ministry a woman of Athens Acts 17:33-34

DAMASCUS (SYRIA-DAMASCUS) DAMNATION -- Located north of Mt. Hermon in northern Palestine the capital city of Syria. On the road to Damascus where Paul met the risen Lord in a life-transforming vision. Acts 9:1-8 Considered the oldest continually inhabited city in the world: Damascus I Chron 18:6

DAMNATION -- The fate of the wicked or those who reject Christ as their savior, Judgment and consignment to everlasting punishment. Mark 16:16

DAMSEL - -- A word for a young woman Mark 5:39-42

DAN (1.) Jacob's fifth son by Bilhah, Rachael's handmaid. He was the founder of the twelve Tribes of Israel which bears his name. One of the Judges named Samson came from this tribe. Genesis 30:6 ; 35:25 ; 46:23 ; 49:16 , 17 ; Numbers 26:42
(2.) Another name for Chileab, David's son I Chron 3:1

DANCE -- Usually to musical accompaniment of Rhythmic body movements to express gratitude and joy to God Exod 15:20-21 Upon the ark of the covenant being recovered and brought to Jerusalem King David danced. II Sam 6:14-16

DANIEL (1.) Daniel was the fourth of the major prophets and along with Noah and Job is named in the book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel 14:14-20 ; 28:3 About the age of fifteen Daniel and three other youths of the tribe of Judah was taken captive to Babylon. They were trained for the king's service for three years which during this time the eat vegetables refusing the king's food and wine. By telling Nebushadnezzar his dream and interpreting it Daniel found favor with Nebuchadnezzar which Daniel was richly reward for it. During the reign of Darius some time later, he disregarded a decree of the king by praying to his God, Daniel was thrown into the den of lions, and Darius was exceedingly glad by making him one of the three presidents over the whole empire, when he found that Daniel had not been harmed. Daniel is remembered as an unusually wise, courageous, and religious man who the Book of Daniel recounts his life and an illustration of the intervention of God in man's life when man's faith is resolute.
(2.) Another name for Chileab, David's son I Chron 3:1
DARIUS -- A title for the kings of Persia (1.) Darius the Great or Darius I reigned from about 522-485 B.C. He continued Cyrus' policy, successor to Cyrus, of restoring the Jewish people to their homeland Ezra 6:1-12
(2.) Darius the Persian or Darius II reigned from 424-405 B.C. Neh 12:22
(3.) Darius Codomannus or Darius III reigned from 336 - 330 B.C. He may be the fourth king of Persia that the prophet Daniel mentioned Dan 11:2
(4.) Darius the Mede, Make Daniel ruler over several provincial leaders Dan 6:1-2 There are a few scholars who believe Darius the Mede is the same as Darius the Persian

DARKNESS -- Light absence; Before God's creation of light the world was ruled by Darkness Gen 1:2 Symbolic of man's ignorance, rebellion and sin is darkness Job 24:13-17

DART (JAVELIN, SPEAR) -- A short spear or javelin, darts was used to kill Absalom II Sam 18:14

DATHAN -- In the wilderness a leader of the rebellion against Moses. Everyone of the rebels were kill by an earthquake. Num 16:1-35

DAUGHTER -- Female offspring of parents as well as for distant female relative, such as niece and granddaughter. Gen 20:12 ; 24:28

DAUGHTER OF ZION -- The city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants a symbolic expression Ps 9:14

DAVID -- Of the eight sons of Jesse he was the youngest, a peasant of Bethlehem in Judah with his mother being unknown. He was called to be anointed king by Samuel when he was a shepherd while tending his sheep in his youth. King Saul was still living so David's anointing was not publicized as God's choice for his people. A warrior was called for by the King to fight Goliath, the Philistine. Single-handy armed with a pebble and a slingshot he destroyed the giant and cut off his head with his own sword. The Philistine army fled. The King reward David Saul's daughter for his wife as his reward. David played the harp and sang for the king when he was distressed and was the king's armor-bearer. Gradually Saul came to hate David and made sever attempts to kill him. With the aid of Jonathan, Saul's son and devoted friend who had sealed a covenant of friendship between them by exchanging clothes and armor, David was forced to flee from place to place, always just ahead of Saul's and his men. While fleeing David crossed into the territory of the Philistines where he faked insanity so the Philistines wouldn't take revenge on him for Goliath's death. David gather a bad of outlaws and twice could of killed Saul but spared his life. While at Ziklag Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle against he Philistines. David then went to Hebron where the people accepted him and was anointed King of Judah. After seven years he was recognized by the ten northern tribes and became their king also. It was under David and Solomon the the nation was united while David became Israel's second and greatest king. After capturing Jerusalem from the Jebusites he moved the capital to Jerusalem. He completed his forty years as king and his line reigned for more than 400 years with it ending in 586 BC. when Jerusalem was destroyed. Nathan, the prophet told David that it was not God's will that he should build a temple to hose the Ark, but he had he arranged for the transfer of the Ark of the Covenant from Kirjath-jearim to Jerusalem. David was told that his house would endure forever, Jesus was of this royal family line. In his later years one of David's sons, Absalom led a revolt against him and he was forced to flee from Jerusalem. David mourned greatly for his son when he was slain by Joab, David's general as he hung with his hair entangled in an oak in the battle in the forest of Ephraim. Solomon's mother, Bathsheba sought the throne for him and David commissioned Nathan to anoint Solomon as his successor. David at times committed great sins but was faithful to God throughout his life and was truly penitent as expressed in some of his great Psalms. David was the most quoted poet who ever lived with seventy-five of the Psalms ascribed to him.I Samuel 16:3 ; I Kings 2:11 ; I Chronicles 11:1--29:30

DAVID, TOWER OF -- At an unknown location a fortress built by David Song of Sol 4:4

DAY -- The part of the twenty-four hour period that has sunlight. and the earth rotates on its own axis. Sunset to sunset is the way the Hebrews measured their day. Exod 12:18 Daylight began with the first hour at sunup 6:00 AM the twelve hours. Noon or Midday was the sixth hour and the twelfth hour ended at sundown or about 6:00 P.M.

DAY OF THE LORD -- A period in the end-times when God will bring His purpose for the world and man to fulfillment. This is the phrase usually interpreted as "Day of the Lord" Judgment for the sinful and rebellious Jer 46:10 When the Lord intervening in history or acts for the purpose of judgment and deliverance, may also be called the "day of the Lord" Isa 13:6

DAY STAR/LUCIFER (MORNING STAR) -- Appears just before daybreak signaling the beginning of a new day, A star. II Pet 1:19 Also translate as 1ucifer Isa 14:12 and used sometimes for the king of Babylon

DAYS'S JOURNEY -- About twenty five miles or the distance that one could travel in one day by camel or horse. Jon 3:3-4

DAYSMAN (UMPIRE) -- A word for a judge, umpire, or mediator between contending parties Job 9:33

DAYSPRING -- A word used for daybreak or dawn Job 38:12

DEACON -- A servant or an officer of the church. The seven men who were appointed at Jerusalem by the church to coordinate the distribution of food to the needy probably the first deacons Act 6:1-7 How important it was is showed in the strict qualifications for deacons I Tim 3:8-13 Phoebe, a female believer is called a deacon in the NRSV translation in Rom 16:1

DEAD SEA/SALT SEA/EAST SEA -- In southern Palestine at the lowest point on earth a body of water that is about ten miles wide and fifty miles long, that the Jordan River empties into. The water evaporates because of the hot dry climate leaving a high concentration of salt and other minerals; Salt Sea Josh 3:16 East Sea Joel 2:20

DEAD SEA SCROLLS -- In caves around the Dead Sea ancient manuscripts or group of scrolls discovered since 1947. Placed in clay jars, preserved by the dry climate of the area they were written between 250 B.C and A.D 68 Among the scrolls written in Hebrew was a complete manuscript of the book of Isaiah.

DEAF -- A person who is unable to hear. Symbolically the word is also used of spiritual coldness or apathy Isa 42:18-19

DEATH -- The end of physical existence, Second death is eternal separation from God, this is the fate that is for unbelievers Rev 20:6

DEBIR (1.) A king of Eglon, Killed by Joshua's army, one of the five Amorite Kings Josh 10:3-26
  (2.) Captured by Joshua A Canaanite city. Josh 10:38-39 Kirjath-sanna: Josh 15:49 Kirjath-sepher Judg 1:11

DEBORAH -- Deborah who was a prophetess is one of four inspired women in the Old Testament. She was numbered among the Judges of Israel. Some have compared her to Joan of arc. She lived with husband, Lappidoth, at her home between Bethel and Ramah. She became a Judge of Israel and is know as "The Mother of Israel". Jobin, a Canaanite king oppress the Israelites for twenty years. They were with out hope and down-trodden. Deborah called Barak to lead Israel into battle. Barak agreed if she would accompany them and because of her great faith in God she had confident of victory. Into the faces of the enemy drove a sleet storm and their chariots became useless in the mud. Thirty one of the verses of Deborah's song of triumph are recorded in Judges 5. It is valued as one of the most ancient remnants of the literature of Hebrew.

DEBT -- Money or property that has been borrowed and must be repaid. The Hebrews were not to charge interest to other Hebrews. Lev 25:35-38 but foreigners could be charged interest. Deut 23:20

DECAPOLIS -- Situated mostly on the eastern side of the Jordan River in northern Palestine a Roman province or district with a large Greek population. Matt 4:25

DECEIVER --Satan uses deception as one of his evil tricks, One who misleads another. II John 7

DECREE-- An official order or command issued by a king. "Roman emperor Caesar Augustus" Luke 2:1

DEDICATION, FEAST OF -- Jesus attended one of these festivals in Jerusalem John 10:22-23 They are an eight day festival commemorating the Jewish victories which restored the temple during the era of the Maccabees about 160 B.C. It was also referred to as Feast of Lights or Hanukkah

DEER -- A fleet footed animal that the Hebrews could eat and use the hide Deut 14:5

DEFILEMENT -- To make something impure by rebellion or the acts of sin, Contamination, Ceremonial cleanliness was emphasized by the Old Testament Law Num 9:13 The need for ethical living and moral purity was emphasized by Jesus Mark 7:1-23

DEGREES, SONGS OF -- In the fifteen psalms of the book of Psalms used as a title. Ps 120-134 Degrees in Hebrew meams "goings up" These may of been pilgrim psalms sung by worshipers at Jerusalem as they were going up to the temple.

DEHAVITES -- After the defeat of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians an Assyrian tribe which settled in Samaria. The Dehavites in later years opposed the rebuilding of the Jewish temple at Jerusalem Ezra 4:9-16

DELILAH -- She was from the valley of Sorek, Judges 16, and a Philistine who betrayed Samson into the hands of the Philistines. Judg 16:13-21

DEMAS -- Deserted Paul a fellow believer II Tim 4"10 who had worked with him on earlier occasions Philem 24 ; Col 4:14

DEMETRIUS (1.) At Ephesus a silversmith who made replicas of the temple where the pagan goddess Diana was worshiped. Demetrius incites a riot against the apostle when his livelihood was threatened by Paul's preaching. Acts 19:24-31
  (2.) Commended by John a Christian believer 3 John 12

DEMON -- An opposing God an evil spirit with destructive power. Jesus cast out demons of several people Matt 12:22-24 ; Luke 8:27-39

DEMON POSSESSION -- An evil spirits that invasion and control of a person. In New Testament times the demons often caused human disease. Mark 9:25 mental anguish Matt 8:28 and antisocial behavior Luke 8:27-39 Jesus showed his power over the demonic forces of Satan by casting out demons Mark 1:25 ; 9:25

DEN OF LIONS --The Persian kings dept lions in deep cavern or pits for the sport of lion hunting. Daniel was thrown into the lion pits but was delivered by God Dan 6:16-24

DEPUTY -- A person who is empowered to act for another I Kings 22:47

DERBE -- Visited by Paul and Barnabas during the first missionary journey a city or village of the province of Lycaonia. Acts 14:6-20

DESERT -- A barren, dry, wilderness place Isa 48:21 ; Luke 1:80

DESIRE OF ALL NATIONS (DESIRED OF ALL NATIONS, TREASURE OF ALL NATIONS) -- A Title for the coming Messiah which emphasizes His universal power and rule Hag 2:6-7

DEUTERONOMY, BOOK OF -- Deuteronomy means "second law" About two generations Deuteronomy repeats many of the laws of God revealed to Moses on Mt Sinai. Deuteronomy is a book of the Old Testament containing a series of speeches which was delivered to the Hebrew people as they prepared to enter and conquer the land of Canaan by Moses. Chapter 1-33 The people are cautioned by Moses to remain faithful to God in the midst of the pagan Canaanite culture they were about to enter. Chapter 34 recounts the death of Moses and Joshua becoming his successor as the leader of the Hebrew people.

DEVIL -- A name or title for Satan which emphasizes his work as a liar and deceiver Luke 4:3

DEW -- Moisture that condenses on the earth during the night. Exod 16:13-14 ; Judg 6:37-40 During the dry season from April to September the Heavy dews of Palestine provide moisture for the growing crops Gen 27:28

DIADEM (CROWN) -- Worn by a king a headpiece decorates with precious stones Isa 28:5

DIAL -- Through its shadow cast by the sun an instrument which shows the hour of the day Isa 38:8

DIAMOND (EMERALD, MOONSTONE) -- In the breastplate of the high priest a precious stone Exod 28:18

DIANA (ARTEMIS) -- The pagan goddess of hunting and virginity was called Diana by the Romans. At Ephesus, a center of Diana worship Paul's preaching caused an uproar among craftsmen who earned their living by making images of Diana Acts 19:24-35

DIBON -- Taken by Israel an Amorite town during the years of wilderness wandering Num 32:3

DINAH -- Jacob's daughter who was assaulted by Shechem Gen 34:1-24

DINAITES -- After the Northern Kingdom fell to the Assyrians this Assyrian tribe populated Samaria Ezra 4:9

DIONYSIUS -- A member of the Areopagus of Athens who believed that Paul's testimony about the Messiah, Jesus Acts 17:34

DIOTREPHES -- The apostle John condemned this church leader for his false teaching. III John 9-10

DISCERNING OF SPIRITS (DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN SPIRITS) -- Certain believers have this spiritual gift which tell them the difference between true and false teachers and teaching I Cor 12:10

DISCIPLE -- Especially a believer who observes and follows the teaching of Jesus a person who learns from another group or person. Acts 6:1-7

DISCIPLINE -- To teach or train as parents impart important truths to a child. Prov 22:6 A disciplined person can also control his actions, impulsed, and speech. I Pet 3:10 Through corrective actions God disciples His children Heb 12:6

DISCORD -- Is a sign of worldliness among believers I Cor 3:3 a disagreement produced by a contentious spirit Prov 6:14

DISPERSION -- Scattering of the Jewish people among other nations this word refers to that with Jeremiah predicted such a scattering Jer 25:34 This took place when the Babylonians overran Judah in 587 B.C. and carried its leading citizens into exile.

DISPUTATIONN -- Dissension or argument. Paul cautioned against such behavior in believers. Phil 2:14

DISTAFF -- The staff that was used to wrap flax or wool around for spinning Prov 31:19

DIVINATION -- Through perfoming acts of magic or reading signs foretelling the future or determining the unknown. Jer 14:14 God condemned the practice Deut 18:10

DIVORCE -- The breaking of the ties of marriage. Gen 2:24 ; Deut 24:1-4 ; Matt 5:31-32 ; 19:3-9 ; Mark 10:11 ; Luke 16:18

DIZAHAB -- Moses gave one of his farewell addresses to the Hebrew people in this place in the wilderness of Sinai Deut 1:1

DOCTORS (TEACHERS) -- Held in high esteem by the Jewish people teachers of the Law of Moses. In Jerusalem Jesus at the age of twelve discussed the law with some of these teachers. Luke 2:46

DOCTRINE -- Followers pass on to other a system of religious beliefs. Paul impressed the sound doctrinal teachings upon young Timothy 1st Tim 4:6

DOEG -- King Saul's herd overseer who betrayed the high priest Ahimelech for assisting David and his soldiers I Sam 22:9-10

DOG -- Look upon with contempt by the Jewish people an unclean animal. Deut 23:18

DOMINION -- Authority to rule of govern. Man was given dominion over God's creation after his creation Gen 1:26-28

DOOR (GATE) -- An opening which you enter into a house or public building. Jesus spoke of being the doorway to salvation and eternal life. John 10:7-10

DOORKEEPER -- At the entrance of a public building a person who stood guard Ps 84:10

DOR -- Captured by Joshua a royal Canaanite city Josh 12:23

DORCAS -- Dorcas was a women of means, described as full of good works and almsdeeds, and spent much of her time making clothes for the poor. The community greatly mourned her death. Peter was in Lydda, ten miles away, preaching and two men were sent to get him to come at once. Upon arriving from Lydda, he restored Dorcas to life. Peter commanded "Tabitha, arise" (she was also known as Tabitha) Acts 9:36-42

DOTHAN -- Near Mt. Gilboa a city west of the Jordan River, a city that Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers Gen 37:17-28

DOWRY -- Money or compensation paid by the groom to the bride's family for the loss of her services as a daughter. Gen 24:47-58

DOXOLOGY -- A declaration or brief hymn which proclaims God's glory and power I Chron 29:11 ; Luke 2:14

DRAGON -- A mythical winged lizard or sea creature. The name is applied in Rev 12:9 to Satan and the Antichrist Rev 12:3

DRAM (DRACHMA, DARIC) -- Of small value a Persian coin Neh 7:70

DRAWER OF WATER (WATER CARRIER) -- A menial chore assigned to Slaves,women or children who carried water from the spring of well back to the house-hold. Josh 9:27

DREAMS AND VISIONS -- Revelation of Mediums often used by God to make His will known. 1.) Paul's vision of a man from Macedonia appealing for help thrust ed Paul's missionary into Europe. Acts 16:9-10 ; 2.) King Nebuchadnnezzar's dream Dan 4:18-27 ; 3.) Joseph interpreting dreams for the pharaoh and his officers Gen 40-41

DREGS -- In the wine making process the waste which settled to the bottom of the vat. Ps 75:8 Symbolical of God's wrath and judgment is the word used Isa 51:17

DRINK OFFERING -- A fine wine offering usually connected with the giving of another sacrifice, such as a burnt offering Num 29:11-18

DROMEDARY (YOUNG, CAMEL) -- Known for its swiftness a distinct species of camel with one hump Jer 2:23

DROPSY -- Jesus healed a man who had dropsy on the Sabbath, a disease which causes the buildup of fluids in the body. Luke 14:21

DROSS -- In the smelting process the impurities separated from ore or metal Prov 25:4 Symbolically of God's judgment against the wicked the word is used. Ps 119:119

DROUGHT -- For an extended time a lack of rainfall. Ps 32:4 Symbolically of a spiritual drought throughout the land was spoked by the prophet Jeremiah Jer 14:1-7

DRUNKENNESS -- Caused by consuming too much strong drink or wine a state of intoxication The Old Testament and New Testament condemned drunkenness Deut 21:20 ; I Cor 5:11

DRUSILLA -- Felix's wife, Felix who was the Roman governor of Judea, who heard Paul's defense. Acts 24:24-25

DUKE (CHIEF)-- The chief or leader of a clan Gen 36:15-43

DULCIMER (PIPES) -- Probably similar to the bagpipe a musical instrument used in Babylonia Dan 3:5-15

DUMB -- The temporary loss of speech or unable to speak. Ezek 33:22 Figuratively the word is also used of submission Isa 53:7

DUNG (RUBBISH) -- Excrement of animals or humans II Kings 9:37 In Palestine dried dung was used for fuel Ezek 4:12-15 Figuratively the word is used to express worthlessness Phil 3:8

DUNGEON -- Prisons that are underground. Empty or low cisterns were used for dungeon, Jeremiah and Joseph were imprisoned in dungeons Gen 39:20 ; 40:15 Jer 37:7-16

DURA -- King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia golden image was set up in this plain in Babylonia Dan 3:1

DUST -- In powdered form dried earth. A symbol of dejection and humiliation was sitting in the dust Lam 3:29 Dust is also used symbolically of man's mortality Gen 3:19