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ZACCHAEUS -- Zacchaeus was hated by his countrymen because he was the chief tax collector in Jericho. He sycamore tree to look over the crowds to see Jesus. Jesus called him down from the tree and invited himself to Zacchaeus home. Because of this many people murmured against Jesus for associating with publicans and sinners. Zacchaeus repentant-ed and mad restitution for all his misdeeds. Luke 19:1-10

ZACHARIAH -- Successor and the son of Jeroboam II as king of Israel. His reign lasted about three months 753-752 BC before Shallum assassinated him. II Kings 14:29 ; 15:8-12

ZACHARIAS (ZECHARIAH) -- The angel, Gabriel, appeared to Zachariah foretold the birth of a son to him and his wife Elizabeth while he ministered in the temple. Zachariah didn't believe him and was struck dumb and his speech would not return until the child had been born and named John as the angel had directed. John the Baptist would become the forerunner of Christ. Zachariah composed the Benedictus which is used in the liturgy of the church today. Luke 1:5-67 ; 3:2

ZADOK -- Served as priest under David and Solomon for a time and anointed Solomon King. II Sam 8:17 ; I King 1:39 ; 2:35

ZAIMRI - Zimri, a military officer only ruled for seven days after seizing the throne of Israel when he slew King Elah. Another faction proclaimed the commander of the army, Omri as king. who besieged the capital. When Zimri saw the city would be taken by taken by Omri, he set fire to the palace and was killed in the flames.

ZAIN -- In the Hebrew alphabet the seventh letter used as a heading over Ps 119:49-56

ZALMONAH -- A camping place in the wilderness for the Israelites Num 33:41-42

ZALMUNNA -- A Midianite king who was killed by Gideon's army Judg 8:4-21

ZAMZUMMINS (ZANZUMMITES, ZAMZUMMIM) -- A race of giants who lived in an region that was later occupied by the Ammonites Deut 2:20, 21

ZARED (ZERED) -- Near the Dead Sea a brook and valley that was crossed by the Israelites during their wilderness wandering Num 21:12

ZAREPHATH/SAREPTA -- Elijah restored a window's sone to life in this coastal town of Phoenicia. During a drought Elijah lodged with her. 1st King 17:10-24 Sarepta Luke 4:26

ZEAL -- Determination and Ardent desire Phil 3:6 Isaiah predicted the "zeal of the Lord" would estaablish the Messiah's kingdom Isa 9:7

ZEBADIAH -- One of David's army commanders who directed 24,000 warriors I Chron 27:7

ZEBAH -- Killed by Gideaon's army he was a Midianite king Judg 8:21

ZEBEDEE -- Zebedee was the husband of Salome and the father of John and James, both disciples of Jesus. He was a well-to-do fisherman in Galilee. Matthew 4 ; Mark 1

ZEBOIM/ZEBOIIM -- Because of its sins it is one of the five cities near the Dead Sea destroyed along with sodom and Gomorrah Deut 29:32 Zeboiim: Gen 14:8

ZEBULUN/ZABULON -- Zebulun was Jacob's tenth son and the sixth by Leah. He was the founder of the tribe Num 26:26 that bears his name of Israel. This tribe settled in the fertile hill country of Galilee Josh 19:10-16 Genesis 30:20 ; 35:23 ; 46:14 ; 49:13

ZECHARIAH -- This is two of the twenty-seven men in the Bible that are mentioned with this name. (1) Zechariah was a prophet of Mercy and Hope in Judah for the two years. In the time of the restoration, the period after the return from the babylonian captivity he was a contemporary of Haggai. The two of them worked together to encourage the people to work on the re-establishing their nation life and the rebuilding of the Temple. With seventy years of captivity many like Zechariah returned had been born in Babylon. Zechariah's father was a priest which made him a priest. His writings make up the eleventh book of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. Of the restoration of Israel it contains a series of eight visions. He is also spoked of in Ezra 5:1 ; 6:14
( 2 )

Zechariah for six months he reigned as the last of the house of Jehu in Israel. At the beginning of the period of anarchy, he was assassinated, which preceded the demise of Israel as a nation. II Kings 14:29 ; 15:8-12 Josiah had three sons who were king of Judah and Aedekiah was the third one. At birth his name was Mattaniah, Zedekiah was given to him by Nebuchadnexxar who placed him on the throne to reign for eleven years. The fines of Judah's people were in captiviy so he was a weak monarch of a weak country. On the basis of Egyptian promises of assistance, he attempted a revolt against Bablyon, but neather Zedekiah nor his people listened to the warning of the prophet Jermiah. A siege which lasted a year and a half with Nebuchadnezzar personally led his troops to defeat the Egyptian army and to capture Jerusalem. Zedekiah's children were slain before his eyes, blinded, he was carried in chains to Babylon, Thus Judah ended. II Kings 24:17--25:7 Jeremiah 1 , 21 , 24 , 27 , 29 , 39 , 32 , 34 , 37 , 39 , 44 , 49 , 51 , 52


ZECHARIAH, BOOK OF -- Book of the Old Testament known as a prophetic book to encourage the Jewish people, Zechariah through a series of eight visions Zech 1:7-6:8 and four specific messagef from God Zech 7:4-8:23 God's promises for the future, the comming of the Messiah Zech 9:9-10:12 Restoration of the nation of Israel Zech 10:1-12 The universal reign of God Zech 14:1-14

ZEDEKIAH/MATTANIAH -- He reigned about 597-587 BC as the last king of Judah after being renamed, original name was Mattaniah II Kings 24:17, and placed on the throne as a puppet ruler by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia II Kings 24:15 , 17 He refused to listed to Jeremiah's advice and rebelled against the Babylonians to be blinded and taken to Babylon in chains after observing his sons put to death II Kings 25:6-7

ZEEB -- Killed by Gideon's army he was a Midianite prince Judg 7:25

ZELAH (ZELA) -- In the territory of Benjamin where King Saul and his son Jonathan were buried. II Sam 21:14

ZELOPHEHAD -- He was a member of the tribe of Manasseh and had no sons but his five daughters petitioned for the right to inherit his property. Thier request was granted as long as the marry inside the tribe Num 26:33 ; 27:1-8

ZELOTES (ZEALOT) -- In the New Testament time members of a political-religious party of zealout Jews whose mission was to overthrow the Roman rule and establish a Jewish theocracy. Simnon the Canaanite one of Jesus's disciples sympathetic with its views or may of been a member. Luke 6:15

ZENAS -- Paul was spending the winter at Nicopolis and he asked Titus to bring Zenas who was a Christian Lawyer. Titus 3:12-13

ZEPHANIAH -- A priest and friend of Jeremiah and he wrote the book of Zephaniah and it remains as the ninth of the the Minor Prophets. His royal blood was hand down to him by his great grandfather, Hezekiah. He often served as a messenger between Jeremiah and King Zedekiah of Judah Jer 21:1-2 During the time of King Josiah he was a prophet and helped him greatly in his program of reforms for Judah. He was killed by the Babylonians after Jerusalem fell Jer 52:24-27

ZEPHANIAH, BOOK OF -- A short prophetic book in the Old Testament known best for its vivid portrayal of the certainty of God's judgment against the nation of Judah. Zep 1:1 -2:15

ZEPHATH/HORMAH -- Near Kadesh a Canaanite town destroyed by the tribes of Judah and Simeon. Is was then occupied by the tribe of Simeon and renamed Hormah Num 21:3 Judg 1:17

ZERUBBABEL/ZOROBABEL/SHESH-BAZZAR -- Zerubbabel was a prince of Judah, he was appointed as leader of the second group of returning exiles (520 BC) and then appointed governor of Judah by King Cyrus of Judah. Hag 2:21 Ezra 2:2 when Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to their own land. The rebuilding of the Temple was supervised by him and he helped restore religious practices among his people Zech 4:1-14 Ezra 6:14-22 Zorobabel : Jesus's ancestry Matt 1:12 Shesh-bazzar: Ezra 5:14

ZIBA -- King Saul's former servant who helped David locate Jonathan's son Mephibosheth. On the land restored by the king he became Mephibosheth's servant. II Sam 9:2-11

ZIF (ZIV) -- In the Hebrew year it is the second month, corresponding to Iyyar in the later Jewish Calendar I Kings 6:1, 37

ZIGGURAT -- It was used for pagan worship with a shrine on top but it was a tall Mesopotamian temple tower, built like a pyramid with staircases on the out side. An example would be the Tower of Babel Gen 11:1-9

ZIKLAG -- It was a city that was located on the border of Judah, King Achish of Gath assigned it to David as a place of refuge from King Saul Ist Sam 27:5-6

ZILPAH -- Jacob's concubine who was Leah's maid who bore two of his twelve sons, Gad and Asher Gen 30:9-13

ZIMRAN -- Abraham's son by his concubine Keturah Gen 25:1-2

ZIMRI -- King Elah of Israel chariot commander who killed the king and assumed the throne (885 BC) He then commit suicide seven days later to escape the wrath of Omri"s army. I Kings 16:8-18

ZIN -- Near the Dead Sea a desert wilderness through which the Hebrews passed. Moses' sister Miriam was buried there. Num 20:1

ZION/SION -- One of the hills that Jerusalem was built on. It was also a site of an ancient Jebusite fortress before the city was captured by David. Many-times all of Jerusalem is referred to as Zion I King 8:1

ZIPH -- David hid from King Saul in this city in the hill country of Judah I Sam 23:14-18

ZIPPORAH -- Jethro, the Midianite priest's daughter, the wife of Moses and mother of Moses sons Gershom and Eliezer Exod 2:21-22

ZOAR/BELA -- Along with Sodom and Gomorrah it was a city of Canaan that was destroyed because of its sins Gen 19:20-25 In Gen 14:2 it was also known as Bela.

ZOBAH/ZOBA/HAMATH-SOBAH -- It was a Syrian Kingdom that warred bitterly against King Saul I Sam 14:47 Zoba: II Sam 10:6, 8 Hamath-Zobah II Chron 8:3

ZOPHAR -- It was one of Job's friends that was to comfort him in his time of hurt Job 2:11

ZORAH/ZAREAH/ZOREAH -- It was near Dan in the lowlands of Judah where the place that Judge Samson was born Judg 13:24-25 Zareah; Neh 11:29 Zoreah : Josh 15:33

ZUPH -- While searching for his father's lost donkeys it was in this land that Saul first met the prophet Samuel. I Sam 9:5-14

ZUR -- During the wilderness wandering years it was the Midianite king killed by the Israelites. Num 31:8

ZUZIM (ZUZITES) -- In the land east of the Jordan River a race of giants Gen 14:5