John Wesley's Sermons


John Wesley was an 18th century Anglican evangelist and founder of the Wesleyan Tradition. John's mother was of the Paritan stock in the 18th century a hundred years after the rise of Puritanism. John preached the doctrine of the witness of the Spirit and of a Holy Life when the church had fallen into a lifeless formatlism. The church wouldn't let him preach in the church so he preached in the fields, mining camping, and street corners. He changed the whole moral tone of England like the Puritan movement of the preceding century. His movement is generally credited with saving England from one of the earth's greastest French revolution.

1. Salvation by Faith
2.Almost Christian
3. Awake, Thou That Sleepest
4. Scriptural Christianity
5. Justication by Faith
6. The Righteousness of Faith
7. Way of the Kingdom
8. First Fruits of the Spirit
9. Spirit of Bondage and of Adoption
10. Witness of the Spirit, 1
11. Witness of the Spirit, 2
12. Witness of Our Own Spirit
13. On Sin in Believers
14. Repentance of Believers
15. Great Assize
16. Means of Grace
17. Circumcision of the Heart
18. Marks of the New Birth
19. Great Privilege of Those Born Again
20. Lord Our Righteousness
21. Sermon on the Mount 1
22. Sermon on the Mount 2
23. Sermon on the Mount 3
24. Sermon on the Mount 4
25. Sermon on the Mount 5
26. Sermon on the Mount 6
27. Sermon on the Mount 7
28. Sermon on the Mount 8
29. Sermon on the Mount 9
30. Sermon on the Mount 10
31. Sermon on the Mount 11
32. Sermon on the Mount 12
33. Sermon on the Mount 13
34. The Important Question
35. Law Established Through Faith 1
36. Law Established Through Faith 2
37. Nature of Enthusiasm
38. A Caution Against Bigotry
39. Catholic Spirit
40. Christian Perfection
41. Wandering Thoughts
42. Satan's Devices
43. Scripture Way of Salvation
44. Original Sin
45. The New Birth
46. Wilderness State
47. Heaviness Through Maniford Temptations
48. Self-Denial
49. Cure of Evil Speaking
50. Use of Money
51. Good Steward
52. Reformation of Manners
53. On The Death of Mr. Whitefield
54. On Eternity
55. On The Trinity
56. God's Approbation of His Works
57. On The Fall of Man
58. On Predestination
59. God's Love to Fallen Man
60. General Deliverence
61. Mystery of Iniquity
62. End Purpose of Christ's Coming
63. General Spread of the Gospel
64. New Creation
65. Duty of Reproving Our Neighbor
66. Signs of the Times
67. The Danger of Riches
68. Wisdom of God's Counsel
69. Inperfection of Human Knowledge
70. Case of Reason Impartially Considered
71. Of Good Angels
72. Of Evil Angels

73. Of Hell
74. Of The Church
75. On Schism
76. On Perfection
77. Spiritual Worship
78. Spiritual Idolatry
79. On Dissipation
80. On Friendship with the World
81. How Christians Will Leave The World
82. On Tempation
83. On Patience
84. Inportant Question
85. On Working Out Our Own Salvation
86. Call to Backsliders
87. Danger of Riches
88. On Dress
89. More Excellenct Way
90. Israelite Indeed
91. On Charity
92. On Zeal
93. On Redeeming The Time
94. On Family Religion
95. On The Education Of Children
95B. Of The Church
96. On Obedience to Parents
97. On Obedience to Pastors
98. On Visiting The Sick
99. Reward of Righteousness
100. On Pleasing All Men
101. Duty of Constant Communion
102. Of Former Times
103. What Is Man?
104. On Attending Church Service
105. On Conscience
106. On Faith
107. On God's vineyard
108. On Riches
109. What Is Man? II
110. On The Discoveries of Faith
111. On The Omnipresence of God
112. Rich Man and Lazarus
113. Walk by Faith, or By Sight
114. Unity of the Divine Being
115. Ministerial Office
116. Causes of the Inefficacy of Christianity
117. On Knowing Christ After the Flesh
118. On The Single Eye
119. On Worldly Folly.
120. On The Wedding Garment
121. Human Life A Dream
122. On Faith
123. Human Heart's Deceitfulness
124. Heavenly Treasure in Earthen Vessels
125.On Living With out God
126. On The Danger of Increasing Riches

127. Trouble & Rest of Good Men
128. Free Grace
129. Cause and Cure of Earthquakes
130. National Sins and Miseries
131. Late Work of God
132. Living the New Chapel Foundation
133. Death of Rev John Fletcher
134. True Christianity Defended
135. On Mourning the Dead
136. On Corrupting the Word of God
137. On The Resurrecting of the Dead
138. On Grieving the HOly Spirit
139. The Decetfuliness of the Human Heart
139 B. On Love
140. On Public Diversions
141. On the Holy Spirit