DIGIT                                                                   Three quarters of an inch
STADIUM                                                            1/7  mile
FURLONG                                                            One eight of a mile  
HANDBREADTH                                                 Three inches
SPAN                                                                     Nine  Inches
SHEKEL                                                                 Nine inches
FATHOM                                                               Six feet
REED                                                                      Eleven  Feet
SABBATH DAY’S JOURNEY                             One Mile
DAY JOURNEY                                                    Twenty Miles

                 DRY MEASUREMENTS

KOR                                                                       Eleven bushels
EPHAH                                                                  One bushel  
LETHECH                                                              Five and one half Bushels
HOMER                                                                Eleven bushes
FARTHING                        One quart of a cent or one cent    Two Different words for Farthing.
HALF SHEKE;                                                       Thirty two cents
TALENT                                                                 $ 1000



GERAH                                                                  One forty        of an ounce
BEKAH                                                                  One quarter of an ounce
HIN                                                                        Six Quarts
KAB                                                                        Two quarts
FIRKIN                                                                  Nine gallons
BATH                                                                     Nine gallons
HOMER                                                                Ninety gallons


TALENT OF SILVER                                           50 pounds or 100 pounds two different scales.
TALENT OF GOLD                                             60  pounds or 120 pounds    two different scales
KOR                                                                       90 gallons liquid   
DARIC   same as SHEKEL                                 Gold =five Dollars            Silver= sixty four cents
DIDRACHMA                                                      Thirty Two cents
DRACHMA or DENARIUS                                Sixteen cents
LOG                                                                      One Pint
MANCH                                                              Two pounds
OMER                                                                  Seven Pints
SEAH                                                                    One and one half pecks
SHEKEL                                                 Unit of weight is one half ounce


Jerusalem - Egypt est 300 Miles Southwest

Est 700 Miles Notheast was Assyria

Est 700 Miles East was Bakylon

Est 1000 Miles Eas was Persia

Est 500 Miles North west was Greece

Est Miles 1500 Northwest was Rome

Jerusalem located in the land of Canaan in the South center on the water-shed Summit, between Jordan and Mediterranean. It was about 40 miles from Mediterranean and 20 miles from Jordan. This region was protected on the West by Mountains South by the Desert and by the Jordan on the East. Jerusalem was built on a mountain ridge sur rand by deep valleys on the East , West, and South Sides.