Quiz 002 Abram II

  1. How many years elapsed before God -spoke with Abram - Abram's sin with Hagar,resulting -birth of Ishmael?

  2. Abram was ___ when Hagar's son Ishmael was born.

    96 years Old
    None of the Above
  3. Played an imortant role in the history of Israel, the angel of the Lord which appeared to Hagar.

  4. Hagar knew the baby would be a boy and what its name would be upon his birth.

  5. Hagar was instructed by the angel to:

  6. She is found by the ____ when Hagar runs off.

  7. Hagar run away from Abram's home because?

  8. When she knew she had conceived a child by Abram What attitude did Hager have?

  9. God's promise was through Sarah so Abram refuse her request.

  10. What requst does Sara make of Abram in Genesis 16?