Players of a high school football team of a small town in southern central Iowa is ashamed of their winning a game 91 to 0. The team with the score of 0 points just can't get over the fact that a team beat them by so much. Most of the time a team with the score of 91 to 0 would be boasting and bragging about the winning of the game and how badly they stomped the other team. But this winning team is ashamed of the beating they gave to the other team.

No one knows the outcome or score of a game when they start, if it is a contact sport with a lot of contact no one knows who will get hurt and/or how bad of an injury they will receive, or if they will be on the winning team or the losing team. Whether you on the wining team or the losing team will the game have or not have a lasting effect on you. With all the sports and man made things we drive for in life, each one of us competing against each other, there is only one game that really matters and I call it the "Soul Game" and the bible tells us the outcome of it before we even start playing. In Colossians 1:21-23, it tells us Christ's death on the cross is the decisive victory against Satan and the powers of darkness which shows their eventual doom certain. It tells us what team will win and what each team players will receive; now it's up to us to pick what team we want to be on.

The game, Soul Game, is played every day and began many years ago. The starting of it is recorded in Genesis 3 {1} "account of human kind's fell into sin". The player at that time was Adam, Eve, Satan, and God. Most Games that we play on earth is played for money, glory, fame, and many other reasons. The "game for our souls" is played just for that "Where Our Souls will be for eternity".

With Satan deceiving Eve in Genesis 3, all of mankind fell into sin and from that moment on, all of our souls were lost and going to count for Satin's team. The only way that we can change the status of our souls is by accepting Jesus Christ as our person Savior. To become a member of the Jesus Christ's team all you have to do is your "ABC". A. =Admit that you are a sinner, B. = Believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and came to earth to redeem us from our sins. C. = Confess to others that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Jesus Christ being the team caption on one team and Satan or the Devil as many call him is the other team caption. Jesus’ team will have eternal peace and fellowship in heaven with him. Satan's team will be condemned to hell with him. Condemned to a place where the walls are made up of "thousands of hideous Creatures". {4} Where you are "naked, total exhaustion, no peace of mind from the torments, the screams, the fears, the thirst, lack of breath, no sleep, the stench, the heat, the hopelessness and the isolation from people". Satan or the "Devil" rules are that he won't have open conflict with us, what he does is that he manipulates the situation, takes the Word of God out of context, he misinterpreted the Word of God, he overstress one side of the Word and ignores the other parts of the Bible, he blinds men to the truth, seals the Word of God from human hearts, and many other things. As in Genesis three, He didn't come face to face with Eve and tell her that she would die if she ate from the tree that God had forbidden Adam and Eve not to touch. His approach was like a thief in the night, and came in from the back door. Dress as a Snake which may at that time had been a beautiful creature, walking up right, with the possibility of having wings. He approached her and stated "Ye shall not surely die?" There for making her question herself first and then God. If Satan had approached Eve face to face and told her that "you will die" That would put Eve on the defense and she would have been able to guard herself against Satin's attacks. Satan doesn’t stop and confronts someone face to face, you can only see Satan if you look at the darkness in the World around us. We give in or lower our standards in life without even know we are going it.

To give you a great example of how Satan manipulates the situation is to understand that if you put a frog into hot water, the frog will jump out when he feels the heat. The same with people who see danger or sin in front of them, they will do whatever they can to get out of the way of the danger like a train coming at you. Now if you place the frog into cold water and slowly heat the water, the frog will stay in the water until it dies. Again people are like the frog, because they will sit in sin and slowly die while Satan slowly increases the sin and our tolerance to that sin increases with it.

The Webster's Encyclopedia of Dictionaries has "Church" as a building for Christian Worship, then you look up Christian and it means "a follower or disciple of Christ". If you follow Christ and His Word you have to believe in Heaven and Hell. Do the churches fill that they are too negative to people and therefore have become to be religiously correct or just another place for people to gather. Too many Pastors give sermons each Sunday to please the people in the church.

Has Satan once again come in the back door and taken Christ out of Christianity. Each Christmas someone tries to get people to call the season Happy Holland or something else but not Christmas. Christ gave us his Word and we must believe in the whole Bible and believe the 150 verse in it that tells us about hell. Let us look at how Satan manipulations the churches around us. In my hometown there are seventeen groups that have the word "Church" in their name that is listed in our phone book. I attempted to contact as many as I could and asked them three questions. (1) "Do you believe in and/or teach about hell in your sermons?" (2.) "Is Hell a mental, spiritual place, or a Physical Place?” and (3.) "In your sermons or teachings of hell do you give description of hell and who is going there?”

For each church I attempted to speak to the Pastor to insure I would get the correct response from all of the church. Some of these answers were shocking to me. The answer shows you how much Satan has manipulated the church. I would classify the first two churches as religiously correct churches or cults. The first Pastor I received an answer from was the Salem Lutheran Church. He stated that sermons are for the gospel, the question "Is hell a mental, spiritual place or a Physical place" and he answer with "Don't know" and the 3rd answer were "No". So he doesn't teach about hell. He leaves out the 150 verse in the bible that talks about hell.

The second Pastor that answered was from The United Church of Christ Congregational. Her answers were "That there was no hell and no one was going there and her congregation agreed with her". It sounds to me that she was being manipulated into following her congregation and not the bible. If you don't believe in hell then why did Jesus die on the cross? So it brings up the question, if you remove hell and Jesus from the church what is the group or building there for?

The following churches answered with yes for all three of the question. This to me shows that they are following the Bible, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, The Crest Baptist Church, 1st Presbyterian Church, and the Assembly of God Church. All of them preached the birth of Jesus, how to get to heaven, sermons on hell, and how to accept Jesus as your savior.

A sample of how Satan works is to look at our TV’s shows. When TV was first on and in the early 1950’s when a TV showed a married couple they showed them in two different beds with both couples in pajamas. Then they moved the couples into one bed, and then slowly more and more clothes came off. Then they showed more and more sex movements under the sheets. Then more and more sex without the sheets. Now in the 2012 you can watch TV’s sex almost 24 hours a day. This is how Satan works, slowly getting you to lower your standards in life. In many parts of the world you can stand on the street corner and hear adults and children while speaking using "f**K like it was just another word. Fifty years ago you wouldn't of heared the word used in any pubil place, now its just another word.

Satan is still playing to have your name added to his team, and is still playing to win because he thinks he still can, even when the outcome has been clearly been posted.

Let the Angels call out your name when the roll is called up yonder for the team belonging to Jesus Christ.

Rick Brown

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