The Jewish Calendar is divide into several parts. One is the " Sacred year" and then the "Civil year" The sacred year begins in the spring then the First month of Civil year is the seven Sacred month.

Twelve Lunar months with a thirteen month seven times in every nineteen years. The Natural Day went from Sunrise to Sunset with the Natural night from Sunset to Sunrise. From Sunset to Sunset was the Civil Day.

Hours were counted from six in the morning and six in the evening.

The First Watch was in the evening from six to nine, Second Watch was from nine to twelve, Third Watch was from twelve to three, and the Fourth Watch was from three to six in the morning. Each Watch was a three hour period.

1st Month Abib or Nisan April Passover
2nd Month Ziv or Lyar May  
3rd Month Sivan June


4th Month Tammuz July  
5th Month Ab August  
6th Month Elul September  
7th Month Ethanim or Tishri October Tabernacles
8th Month Bul or Marcheshvan November  
9th Month Chisley December Dedication
10th Month Tebeth January  
11th Month Shebat February  
12th Month Adar March Purium

Later in Maccabees time the Feast of Dedication was instituted.

In the time of Esther the Feast of Purium was instituted


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