Once long ago three small trees were growing on a hilltop. Each wondered about the future and what it would become as it grew up. The first little tree dreamed of becoming a beautiful wooden chest, filled with treasure. From the hill-top the second tree saw a river flowing into the ocean and dreamed of becoming a magnificent sailing ship. The third tree was content on the hilltop and dreamed of growing strong and tall with arms reaching to heaven.

Many years passed and all three trees grew up. One day a woodcutter appeared on the hill-top. With a few swings of the woodcutter's Aax the first tree fell. "Now" thought the first tree joy-fully. "I shall be made into a treasure chest!" Next, the second tree fell, dreaming of being part of an ocean vessel. The third tree stood proudly, pointing straight to the heavens, but under the wood-cutter's Axe it fell with a mighty crash and a heavy heart. Its dream of pointing the way to heaven had ended.

The woodcutter brought the first tree to a carpenter's shop. The tree was delighted at first, thinking of becoming a treasure chest, but the carpenter did not make the once beautiful tree into a treasure chest. Instead, the first tree became a feed box for animals. The second tree was happy to be left at a shipyard. But the once mighty tree was not made into a sailing ship. Instead, the second tree was fashioned into a small fishing boar and placed in a lake where the smell of fish seeped into its timber. The third tree was split into beams and left in a pile at a lumber yard.

Many years passed. The trees were miles from the hilltop, and they had almost forgotten the dreams of their youth. Then one holy night something glorious happened. A women place a newborn baby in the feed box made from the first tree. Angels sang and a bright star shone over the child. The first tree found itself holding the greatest treasure of all, Christ the Lord.

A few years later a tired preacher go into a small boat with some fishermen friends. He soon fell asleep. As the boat floated into the lake, a storm arose with great waves that threatened the small boat and its crew. The second tree knew it did not have the strength to withstand this storm. Just then the tired preacher woke up, stretched out his hand and commanded the waves to cease. It was then the second tree knew it was carrying the Lord of heaven and earth.

Not long after this, beams from the third tree were taken by soldiers and made into a cross. The third tree heard the crowds yelling and felt the nails as a man was placed on the cross. The tree was ashamed, but suddenly the earth trembled and the sun rose. God's love had changed the world. The third tree had become a throne for the risen Christ, the Kings of Kings. And now every time people think of the third tree and the cross, their minds and hearts are lifted to the heaven.

In the end each tree achieved its dream in great measure for each found its unique place in God's plan.


Author unknown