Once there was a professor who was very proud of all the degrees that he had. It was sayed that he had the most of anyone in the world.

He gave speeches on the "big Bang Thery; and how there was no God

One day he received a request from a school for a week of speeches in another country, and that they would provide him with a translator  

He had been told that a translator would be with him for his total visit to the school

Upon his arrival at the school he was a asked to delay the start of his speeches for one day due to a storm that had destroyed much of the county.

His was put up in the best room in their motel.

With no Tv to watch and the radio in another language he went for a walk in the country side.


He found a path alongside a small stream, but he had to cross several signs that had been blown down, but he couldn't read them anyway.

On the path coming aroung a sharp curve he was walking on he came upon the biggest bear he had ever seen. They both looked at each other before the professor turned and began running as fast as he could.

He made the mistake of looking back to see where the bear was and tripped over a branch in the path. The professor started rolling down the hill toward the stream but was suddenly stopped when the bear placed a large paw on him.

At that moment the professor cried out "O GOD"


Suddenly there was a bright light, so bright that the professor placed his hand before his eyes and could see the bones in his hand, like an x-ray. The birds stopped in mid flight, the water stopped flowing.

The bright light spoke, "My child all these years you have spoken against me and now in this time of need you have called, and I have answered, Ask and you shall receive"

The professor mind was going a million miles a minute, trying to think of some way of getting out of this without claiming there was a God. All the fame he would lose, all the house he had, no, he had to think of something.

Suddenly it came to him, He had heard that Christians would forgive and were peaceful with others, So the professor thought that if he asked for the bear to become a Christian so the bear would be kind toward him and let him go.

The professor asked God to make the bear a Christian, God spoke to him again asking if he wanted to confess and save his soil, the professor answered no just make the bear a Christian.

Suddenly the light was gone, the birds started flying and the water started flowing again. The bear back away from the professor, and the professor thought ok I am going to live and still didn't have to admit that there was a God.

SUDDENLY the professor stared at the bear because the professor heard the bear speaking as the bear placeed his two front paws together. . "Bless me O Lord with this food that I am about to receive, --------------- Amen.

Author unknown: