It the year 2000, I was remodeling my -mother-in-laws bathroom.  I started off by removing all the old walls and the ceiling. In the ceiling I had old bird's nest where at one time it had been the roof. I didn't mark any of the electrical wires because I was just replacing the switches, light and fan and assumed there were only the wires for them. Once I completed removed all the walls and ceiling I had between fifteen to seventeen wire coming out  of the studs. It was an odd number because I had one more black wire than white ones. I found one short wire that I was able to trace the wire from one end to the other. What had happen was wires would run from one side of the bathroom through the walls to the other side and you had both ends of the wire showing. 

I replaced all the new walls with the wires running out of the three holes for the switch, fan, and light.  I then started the impossible job of matching up the wires to the switch, fan, and light. I had the objects just placed in the bathroom floor so I can reach each one to try them as I wired different patterns of wires to them. I would try different wires then run down stairs to turn the power on and then back up the stairs to see if they worked or not. In one setup the fan would come on but run real slow, or the light would come on, but be dim. No matter what I tried they wouldn't work correctly. I would work on attaching the wire correctly for about four hours a day for several days.

My regular work job was a correction Officer at a prison, where if nothing was happening a person would have a little free time.  Well, after about the fifth day of attempting to wire the light and fan to the switches I put all the locations of the wires, fan, light and the switch down on some paper and took it to work with me. After the first three hours of the job you got some down time. The first three hours of the shift you had to count all the offenders, make sure they were in the correct wing of the dorm they belonged in and were in bed. Once you get all of this done and the lights go out and as long as nothing special came up, with two officers on each dorm, one of the officers would be in the cage which was in the middle of the dorm and then the other officer could sit at a picnic table in between the two wings of the dorm. I had got several sheets of papers and set down at the picnic table in attempt to figure out the wiring problems.  After sitting at the table and doing dozens of diagrams of the wiring I wasn't getting any where with it. Where the panic table was I could look down both wings of the dorm to insure everyone was stating in their bunks.

This night was unusually quite and as I worked on the diagram I continued looking up and down the wings of the dorm to insure no one was up. After working on the diagrams for some time as I set there I began talking to myself, I said "Well Lord this one I can't do and you will have to show me where all these wires go." I remember saying this out loud.  Not realizing what was happening a voice started telling me where to place the wires running from the switch, fan, and light to the ones coming out of the walls, some of the wire were attached to others just to make the wire complete. The voice even told me which ones I didn't need to use. Then the last ones was a white wire attached to a black wire and I said "well that one won't work" and looked up.

What I saw I couldn't believe, and I just stared at it for a few seconds. On the other side of the panic table stood  a ghost like figure of a person. I then turn to look to my left and then my right to see if any one else was there. When I turn back the figure was gone. I then went to the cage and found the other officer asleep, He stated that he didn't see any one or heard anything. I then went up and down both wings of the dorm and everyone was in their bunks. I then looked at the clock and I had been at the table a little over two hours. When I looked at the table it was covered with waded up papers.

The day after getting some sleep I went to my mother-in-laws house and followed the diagram that I had and ever thing worked the very first time, even the black and white wire that were attached. I never did find where some of those wires ran to.

After talking to my pastor he told me that I had removed the doubt. I really wasn't excepted the Lord to do any thing, but I asked and the Lord did what I had asked Him. The wiring wasn't a life saving thing, but it showed me what could happen if I and others were able to remove that doubt. 

Richard L. Brown