I vote conscientiously because I am a person of faith and a citizen of the United States.

My conscience was formed through studying scripture, teaching of the Church, examination of the facts and prayer.

I believe when we vote we must put the facts in some sort of order with the Issues that affect human lives as the first and foremost.

While there are many moral issues before us, every issue is not equal. No issue out ways the issue of abortion and euthanasia.

★ Issues that directly affect
human lives—such as abortion and
euthanasia—are fundamental and demand
serious consideration.

Family life is what holds us together, the foundation of the family and an essential core element with the first amendment is the essential core of a flourishing society.

★ Our Constitution heralds religious
liberty in the First Amendment, yet
increasingly people of faith are having to fight
to retain this basic right.

★ There is a move in the nation to redefine
marriage. The marriage of a man and a
woman is the foundation of the family and an
essential core element of a flourishing society.

★ Our duty to enforce the laws and protect those who can not protect themselves.

I believe it is our duty to support the police officer and those who are working daily to enforce our laws. If we support those (police and those that are enforcing our laws) we are supporting the poor and defenseless who have no way of protecting themselves.

Stopping crime is supporting those who have no means of defending themselves and living a healthier life.

What good is it If you go out and feed a million people and support killing five million in abortion, euthanasia and crime.







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