For many years I have heard the argument of when is it a child? when is it a baby, or when is it alive?

Yesterday, it came to me (not from the government) but (God) on how to tell everyone the answer to WHEN.


Look around you, if We took ever thing that moves and placed them into a category of either "alive" or "mechanical" I don't believe that there is any thing that moves that couldn't be place into these two categories, except maybe the four elements of air, fire, water, and dirt. 


 The category of "alive": People, cows, dog, sheep, fish, worms, birds, trees, and the list could go on longer then what my computer could hold. 

The category of "mechanical": Windmills, cars, doors, windows, air conditioners, and this list could go on longer than what my computer could hold also.

Let us take humans, or man kind and place them in the category of "alive". Then going backwards from adults to children, they would also be place in the category of "alive" Before they were children they were babies, babies would also go in the category of "alive". Before they were babies they were sperm and eggs which we would place in the category of "alive"  

 So the question of "WHEN LIFE BEGINS" is answered with "when the sperm and eggs came to gather.

No matter what pay grade you are; you can still known when life began.



Richard L. Brown





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