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FABLE -- When some one takes a story in which they have inanimate things and make them personalized. In Judg 9:1-15 you have Jotham's narrative of the bramble and the tree

FACE -- The head's front part, often used symbolically of God's presence Deut 31:18

FAIR HEAVENS -- On the southern side of the island of Crete a harbor where Paul stopped during his voyage to Rome Acts 27:8

FAITH -- Confidence and belief in the testimony of another, particularly of salvation and eternal life for all who place their trust in Jesus Christ is God's promise. John 5:24 "faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3

FALL OF MAN -- A phrase used which refers to Adam and Eve's misery and state of sorrow which followed their sin and rebellion against God Gen 2-3 Their original sin afflicted all of man kind and the human race has been afflicted ever since. Rom 3:23 The atoning death of Christ was the cure. Rom 5:6

FALLOW DEER -- To the Hebrews a clean animal that was a distinct species of deer that was common in Mesopotamia in Bible times. Deut 14:4-5

FALLOW GROUND (UNPLOWED GROUNG) -- A field left idle after it was plowed before planting the field again. Jer 4:3

FALSE PROPHETS -- Under the pretense that it comes from God a person or persons who deliver a false or misleading message. Believers are warned to not to trust and to beware of false prophets Matt 24:11 , 24 ; II Pet 2:1

FALSE WEIGHTS -- Used in weighing merchandise deceptive measurements. a practice condemned by the Lord Deut 25:13-14

FALSE WITNESS (FALSE TESTIMONY) -- Tells lies or false testimony about others in an attempt to slander of undermine their character, The Ten Commandments prohibited this. Exod 20:16

FAMILIAR SPIRIT -- A sorcerer calls up the spirit of the dead to communicate with that person. Deut 18:11 A witch at En-dor called up the spirit of Samuel I Sam 28:3-20 By God it was considered an abomination.

FAMILY -- Related by the ties of marriage and blood kinship, group of people In a spiritual sense since all Christians belong to the "household of faith" we are brother and sisters in Christ Gal 6:10

FAMINE -- Over an extended period of time when water and food is in short supply due to lack of rain causing failure of crops Gen 12:10

FAN (FORK) -- Used for winnowing grain a wooden pitchfork Isa 30:24 Using the fork the grain was thrown into the wind to separate it from the straw Matt 3:12 The fan is a symbol of God's judgment Jer 15:7

FARTHING (PENNY) -- Of small value a Roman coin Matt 10:29

FASTING -- Generally as part of a religious ritual in times of peril the practice of giving up drinking and eating for a specified time. Jesus and Elijah fasted for forty days I Kings 19:8 ; Matt 4:2

FATHER -- The head of a household, a male who was the undisputed authority in the family. Also used by Jesus as a title for God Matt 11:25

FATHOM -- Equal to about seven feet a nautical measure. In the account of Paul's ship wreck is the term mentioned. Acts 27:28

FATLING 9FAT CALF) -- Fattened for slaughter a young animal. Matt 22:4

FEAR -- Aroused by risk to one's safety or danger an emotion. I Sam 21:10 Used for reverence or respect toward God Deut 10:20

FEAST -- Marked some great event in Jewish history a major religious holiday or festival. Several major festivals are celebrated by the Jews.

FEET -- A token of respect was the removal of the sandals and the washing of one's feet upon entering a holy place or house. Exod 3:5

FELIX, ANTONIUS -- Appointed by Claudius, Felix was a cruel and bad governor of Judea, recalled by Nero. He kept Paul in prison even when it seemed that he had be touched by Paul's preaching. Acts 23 -- 25

FELLOWSHIP -- A friendly association or mutual sharing, particularly who have a common faith in Jesus Christ I Cor 1:9

FENCED CITY (FORTIFIED CITY) -- A city that had a strong defensive wall built around it. II Sam 20:6

FETTET (GECKO) -- The Hebrews considered it an unclean burrowing animal Lev 11:30

FESTUS -- Paul made his defense before Festus who was successor of Felix as Roman governor of Judea.

FESTUS, PORCIUS -- He was appointed governor of Judea to succeed Felix during the reign of Nero. When his friends King Agrippa II and Bernice came for a visit the three of them listened to Paul's defense. Festus upon hearing it said that Paul was mad. Acts 24 -- 26

FETTERS (SHACKLES) -- For binding the wrists or ankles of prisoners, metal bands II Kings 25:7

FIERY SERPENTS (VENOMOUS SNAKES, POISONOUS SERPENTS) -- When in the wilderness snakes which attacked the Israelis. As an antidote for those who were bitten Moses erected a brass serpent on a pole. Num 21:6-9 Today the Medical Symbol is almost the same

FIG - The fig tree pear-shaped fruit. To show the bounty of the land the spies that were sent into Canaan brought back figs. Deut 8:8 Figs were preserved by drying after being pressed into cakes I Sam 25:18 A symbol of prosperity was considered the fig tree I Kings 4:25

FILTHY LUCRE -- A phrase for money I Tim 3:3 It was condemned as an unworthy motive for ministry I Pet 5:2

FINER (SILVERSMITH, SMITH) -- Worked with precious metals a craftsman who refined or shaped them. Prov 25:4

FINGER (1.) A digit of the human hand. Symbolical of God's poser Exod 8:19
  (2.) Equal to about three-fourths of an inch, a measure of length. Jer 52:21

FINING POT (CRUCIBLE) -- Used for purifying and melting metal, a vessel Prov 17:3

FIR (PINE, CYPRESS) -- It grew on Mount Lebanon, an evergreen tree that was used in the construction of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem I Kings 6:15 , 34

FIRE -- Material that is burning and being used for cooking and in religious ceremonies. The presence and power of fire is often associated with God Exod 3:2 It is also used for the wicked at their final punishment. Matt 13:49-50

FIREPAN -- During worship ceremonies in the tabernacle a vessel in which incense was burned Exod 27:3

FIRKIN -- Equal to about five or six gallons a liquid measure John 2:16

FIRMAMENT (EXPANSE DOME) -- A word used for the limitless sky above the earth or the heavens Gen 1:6-8

FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK -- Going by Genesis the first day of the week would be Monday, however with Sunday or the day of Christ's resurrection which was adopted by the early church as the day of worship Acts 20:7 Sunday the first day of the week

FIRSTBORN -- The first child that was born into the family Gen 49:3 The firstborn son upon his father's death assumed leadership of the family and received a double portion on his father's property as his birthright.

FIRSTFRUITS -- The best or first born of crops and livestock -- These were to be presented as sacrifices and offering to the Lord according to Mosaic law Exod 23:19

FISH GATE -- Fish from the Mediterranean Sea were brought into the city through this gate in the wall of Jerusalem, probably so named for that reason. Neh 3:3

FISHER, FISHERMAN -- Fishing is how he makes his living. Jesus had several disciples who were fishermen and He promised to make them "fishers of men" Mat 4:19

FITCH (SPELT) -- A plant that produces grain similar to rye or oats. Ezek 4:9

FLAG (RUSH) -- Growing in wetlands or marshes a course grass. Isa 19:6

FLAGON (1.) A leather bottle or flask for holding liquids Isa 22:24
  (2.) Raisins or a cake of dried grapes served as a dessert or delicacy Song of Sol 2:5

FLAX -- A plant grown for its fiber in Palestine and Egypt which was woven into linen cloth Exod 9:31

FLEA -- A tiny insect that sucks the blood from humans and animals. the word used by David as a symbol of insignificance I Sam 24:14

FLEECE -- Sheep wool. To test God's call Gideon used a fleece. Judg 6:36-40

FLESH -- The human body in contrast to the spirit a word describing it. Matt 26:41 Word is also used for carnal appetites or desires or unredeemed human nature which can lead to sin. Gal 5:16-17

FLESHHOOK (MEAT FORKS) -- Used for sacrificial purposes large pronged fork used to handle meat. II Chron 4:16

FLINT -- Perhaps a variety of quartz but a very hard stone. Deut 8:15 symbolically used to denote firmness Ezek 3:9

FLOCK -- A group of birds or sheep Gen 4:4 Also a congregation under a pastor's leadership I Pet 5:2

FLOOD, THE An instrument of God's judgment during Noah's time against a wicked world. By the hand of God Noah and his family and the animals in the ark were saved from the continuous rainfall for forty days. Gen 6-8

FLOUR -- Used for baking bread barley or wheat ground into a fine powder. Flour was also offered as a sin offering. Lev 5:11-13

FLUTE (PIPE) -- An instrument of music, similar to the modern flute it is played by blowing air into it and covering other holes in the pipe for different notes. Dan 3:5-15 During the New Testament time funerals were conducted with hired flute players Matt 9:23-24

FLUX (DYSENTERY) Dysentery word in the King James Version of the bible. Dysentery a common disease in the Mediterranean world. Publius was healed by Paul of this ailment Acts 28:8

FOAL -- A baby or young donkey or colt. On His triumphant entry into Jerusalem Jesus rode a colt. Matt 21:5 which was foretold in the Old Testament Zech 9:9

FOOD -- Animals and plants eaten for nourishment. In the bible specific foods mentioned include lentils Gen 25:34 nuts, honey, and spices Gen 43:11Certain animals were considered unclean and unfit to use for food Lev 11 ; Deut 14

FOOL -- One who reasons wrongly, an absurd person Prov 29:11

FOOLISH -- Actions that some one does which show faulty or lack of wisdom and shallow reasoning Prov 26:11 The five virgins who were unprepared for the wedding feast was described by Jesus as foolish. Matt 25:1-13

FOOTMAN -- A member of an army belonging to the walking unit or infantry. Jer 12:5 From this a swift runner who served for the king as a messenger I Sam 22:17

FOOTSTOOL -- A low stool that is used to rest the feet on, Also symbolically to describe the fate of God's enemies Ps 110:1

FOOT-WAHING -- In Bible times this was an expression of hospitality bestowed upon guests. Lowly domestic servants usually performed the foot-washing but Jesus did this to teach a lesson in humble ministry by washed their feet John 13:5-15 The feet were washed to remove all the dust from traveling

PORBEARANCE (TOLERANCE) -- Tolerance and Restraint. God gives people opportunity for repentance in His patience or forbearance. Rom 2:4

FORD -- A crossing through shallow water across a small river or brook Gen 32:22

FOREHEAD -- The human face above the eyes. Learn the law so well that it would be as if it were written on their foreheads Deut 6:8

FOREIGNER (TEMPORARY RESIDENT) -- Describing stranger or outsider, a person who is not of the same ethnic stock of the Hebrews and is in no way loyal to the Hebrew's God. Exod 12:45

FOREKNOWLEDGE -- God's ability to influence the future by actually causing such events and knowing how all events will happen before they happen Isa 41:4

FORERUNNER -- Someone who goes before and makes preparations for others to follow Heb 6:20 Christ's forerunner was John the Baptist

FORESKIN -- In the male sex organ the fold of skin which covers it, In the rite of circumcision the foreskin is removed Gen 17:11

FORGIVERNESS -- To overlook or pardon the wrongful acts of another person. Repent and turn to God in faith Acts 10:43 Forgiveness in our relationships with others Matt 5:43-48

FORMER RAIN (AUTUMN RAIN, EARLY RAIN) -- Essential for the germination of seed and the growth of young plants the first rain of the growing season. Joel 2:23

FORNICATION (SEXUAL IMMORALITY) Sexual relations of any form or type of sexual immorality or unchastity between two persons who are not married to one another. Paul cited it as a sin which believers should scrupulously avoid I Cor 6:18

FORT -- A fortified high wall built to provide protection against one's enemies in time of war Isa 25:12

FORTUNATUS -- A Christian who visited Paul from the city of Corinth 1st Cor 16:17

FOUNDATION -- A strong base that on which a building is erected. Christ is described by the apostle Paul as the sure foundation for believers I Cor 3:11

FOUNTAIN -- A spring or source of fresh flowing water. Deut 8:7 Symbolically the word is used of God's blessings upon His people Jer 2:13

FOUNTAIN GATE -- In the wall of Jerusalem a gate perhaps named for the fountain or pool of Siloam Neh 12:37

FOWLER -- A person who captures birds by decoys, nets, or snares Hos 9:8 Symbolically of temptations Ps 91:3

FOX -- In the dog family an animal known for its cunning Judg 15:4

FRANKINCENSE (INCENSE) -- Known for its pungent odor when burned as incense during sacrificial ceremonies and it is the yellowish gum of a true. Neh 13:9 One of the Wise Men gave Frankincense as one of the gifts to the infant Jesus. Matt 2:11

FREEWILL OFFERING -- Given freely and willingly an offering. Amos 4:5

FRIEND -- A person whom one knows, loved, esteemed, and has some kind of mutal affection or bond. In James 2:23 Abraham was referred to as "the Friend of God"

FRING (TASSEL) -- As a profession of piety and commitment to God an ornament worn on the edges of one's robe. Deut 22:12

FROG -- Sent by the Lord as the second plague upon Egypt an amphibious animal. Exod 8:2-14

FRONTLET -- Worn upon the forehead, a small leather case with passages of Scripture, as a literal obedience of Deut 6:6-9

FRUITFULNESS -- Productive that reproduces abundantly. Paul declared that believers should be like the fruitfulness and be fruitful in righteousness and goodness toward others Col 1:10

FULLER (LAUNDERER) -- A laborer who did ordinary laundry work and who treated or dyed clothes Mal 3:2

FULLER'S FIELD (WASHERMAN'S FIELD) -- Near the wall of Jerusalem a place where fullers worked and perhaps where they spread their laundry to dry II Kings 18:17

FUNERAL -- Before a burial a ceremony honoring the dead. Many ceremonies were accompanied by sad music and loud wailing of friends and professional mourners Eccles 12:5

FURLONG -- Equal to about 650 feet or one-eighth or a mile, a Geek measure or length. Luke 24:13

FURNACE (SMOKING FIREPOT) -- An enclosed oven used for baking, Gen 15:17 drying and firing bricks Dan 3:15-17 and or smelting Gen 19:28.