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J -- Oldest strtum of tradition or letter by which is denoted the Yahwistic document.

JAAR (jay'-ar) Ps 132:6 contains in the Psalms a poetic description of the transferal of the Ark of Covenant in this place.

JAASIEL (jay-ay'-zi-el) Commander of troops of Benjamin and son of Abner (1st Chron 27:21)

JAAZANIAH (jay-az'-a-nie'-nie'-ah)

When Gedaliah was appointed governor of Judah by Nebuchadnezzer in 587 B.C. He was a Jew of Maacha who joined others to join forces with Gedaliah (2nd Kings 25:23)

Son of Shaphan, whom among the seventy Elders of Israel, Ezekiel saw each one with a censer in his hand, in the act of idolatry (Ezek 8:7-13)

Son of Azzur, Ezekiel accused him and twenty-four others by adopting the manner of the neighboring nations by filling the city with corpses and disobeying the law of Yahweh and refusing to keep his observances. Ezekiel threatens them with dire judgment in Yahweh's name. (Ezek 11:1-12)


JABAL (jay'-bal) Son of Lamech and ADA In the genealogy of yahwist for the tribe of Cain. Genesis 4:20 has him as an ancestor of Tent dwellers and owner of livestock.

JABBOK -- About twenty miles north of the Dead Sea a small stream which enters the Jordan River. Num 21:24 Jacob wrestled with an angel beside this stream at a point later called Peniel Gen 32:24-31

JABESH (jay'-besh) -- King Shallum of Israel father (2nd Kings 15:10)


JACESH-GILEAD -- About twenty miles south of the sea of Galilee a city of Gilead Against Nahash, King of the Ammonites, King Saul defended this city (I Sam 11:1-11)

JACHIN (JAKIN AND BOAZ -- Constructed by Hiram of Tyre, two ornamental bronze pillars which stood in front of Solomon's temple at Jerusalem I Kings 7:13-22

JACINTH HYACINTH -- Perhaps the same as sapphire, a precious stone nearly pure orange in color that was used in the foundation of the heavenly city, or New Jerusalem Ex 28:19 Rev 21:20

JACKAL -- Scavenger or a wild dog that ran in packs. Samson used "foxes" to destroy crops of the Philistines. They may have been jackals. Judg 15:4

JACOB -- The second son of Isaac and Rebekah, Esau's twin brother. To escape his brother's wrath, (With his mother's help by cunning means he secured Esau's birthright and Esau's blessing from his father for the price of a pot of stew Gen 25:23-34; 27:6-29) Jacob went to find a wife in Haran. At Bethel in his route, he stopped to sleep and dreamed of a ladder with God at the top that reached to heave. He marks the place with a stone in the morning. He received Leah and Rachel, Laban's daughters, for his wives after working for him twenty years. Jacob was prosperous and decided to return with all his household but at Peniel where he was disturbed about the reception that Esau might give him. Jacob was given the name of Israel meaning "prince with God" after struggling with an angel. Gen 32:22-30 Jacob's descendants were known as descendants of Israel or know as Israelites. Jacob mourned his favorite son Joseph. He was returned to his homeland for burial Gen 37-50

JACOB'S WELL -- Jacob had dug this well and was the site where Jesus offered the Samaritan woman "living water" John 4:1-26 Near the highway from Jerusalem to Galilee this site today is associated with the ancient city of Shechem (Tell Balatah)

JAEL -- Heber the Kenite's wife who killed Sisera, who was a commander of the forces of King Jabin of Hazor Judg 4:17-22

JAIR -- Succeeding Tola, he was the eighth judge of Israel, a member of the tribe of gilead, he judged Israel for twenty-two years. He apparently had considerable standing in his community and had thirty sons Judges 10: 3-5

JAIRUS -- In a town in Galilee, Jairus was the ruler of the synagogue. He had a daughter Jesus raised from the dead Mark 5 ; Luke 8

JAMBRES -- The Egyptian pharaoh who opposed Moses Magician He is cited by Paul as one who resisted God's truth, but not cited in the Old Testament. II Tim 3:8