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YAHWEL (yah'-weh) -- The Major or proper name for God in the OT in Hebrew spelling.

YOKEFELLOW (COMPANION) -- A comrade or two fellow workers in a common cause. To help two women resolve their differences in Phil 4:3 Paul appealed to an unnamed "yoke-fellow" in Philippi.

YAKIMA INDIANS: - A Shahaptian tribe formerly dwelling on the banks of the Columbia, the Wenatchee, and northern branches of the Yakima Rivers, in the east of Washington

YAMASEE INDIANS: - A Muskhogean tribe, mentioned frequently in the history of South Carolina, residing formerly near the Savannah River and in Florida

YAQUI INDIANS: - A Cahita tribe, formerly dwelling near the Rio Yaqui

YARN -- Yarn was produced from .wool fiber, linen and hair of camels and goats Exodus 35:25-26
Yazoo Indians - A small tribe formerly living on the lower course of Yazoo River, Mississippi, in close connection with several other tribes, including the Tonica

YEAR -- 12 months made up the Israelite year. (1st Chron 27:1-15) Each mnth consisted of 29 days and were lunar months. the Israelite year came up to 354 days. To match with the Actuchaty of the solar year of 365 day, after a certain period of time an extra month was added and this month was called "Weadar" The year bagan with the autumn equinoz in the pre-exilic time. (Ex 23:16 ; 34:22) Certainly after the exile and around the time of Josial the adoption of the Bablonian method of computing the Calendar was adopled. This made the year start with the sping equinox, Possible the old usage was retained for dating the religious feasts. An opocryphal word of the 2nd century before Christ in the Book of Jubilees. The year consisted of 364 days, divided into 52 weeks with 4 seassions of thirteen weeks each

YELLOW KNIVES -- A sub-arctic Dene tribe, called the Copper Indians by Hearne and other early English writers, and Red Knives by Mackenzie and Franklin

YOD -- In the Hebrew Alphabet the 10th letter.


YOM KIPPUR: - A most solemn fast, on which no food could be taken throughout the day, and servile works were forbidden

YORK, ANCIEN SEE OF: York, Ancient See of - The seat of metropolitan jurisdiction for the northern province

YORK, CARDINAL OF: - Cardinal, Duke of York, known by the Jacobites as 'Henry IX, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland'; born at Rome, 11 March, 1725; died at Frascati, 13 July, 1807

YORK, USE OF: Use of - Principle in medieval canon law that while as regards judicial matters, as regards the sacraments, and also the more solemn fasts, the custom of the Roman Church was to be adhered to

YOUGHAL: - The Wardenship of Youghal, in the Diocese of Cloyne, was founded by Thomas, Eighth Earl of Desmond

YOUVILLE, MARIE: -Marguérite d' - Biography of the founder of the Gray Nuns, or Sisters of Charity. She died in 1771

YOUNG MEN'S INSTITUTE: - A Catholic fraternal organization, founded on 4 March, 1883, at San Francisco, California

YSAMBERT, NICOLAS: - French theologian (1565-1642)

YUCATAN, ARCHDIOCES OF: - Located in the Republic of Mexico; Campeche and Tabasco are its suffragans

YUKON, PREFECTURE APOSTOLIC OF: - Occupies the extreme northwestern portion of the Dominion of Canada

YUN-NAN: - The Mission of Yun-nan includes the whole province, which is situated in the southwestern corner of China

YURACARE INDIANS: - A Bolivian tribe living between Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Cochabamba

YVES, SAINT: - Or St. Yves. Patron saint of lawyers, d. 1303

YVES: Saint - Essay on the life and writings of this bishop, who died in 1116