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OAK -- In Palestine several species of oak trees grew, it was ofter used to describe any strong tree or grove of trees Gen 35:8 Oak was used for carving idols Isa 44:9-15

OAR -- A paddle for moving a ship through the water. Even large sailing vessels needed oars when there were not enough wind to fill the sails Isa 33:21-23

OATH -- A solemn promise. To attest that s statement was true or to affirm a covenant II Sam 21:7 In the Old Testament the taking of a oath was accompanied by raising the hand or placing the hand under the thigh Gen 24:2-3 Warning against careless oaths were given by Jesus. Matt 5:34-36

OBADIAH (1.) In the Old Testament Canon his book is the shortest, twenty-one verses. We know very little about Obadiah except he predicts the doom of the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, The Israelites was always on the unfriendly terms with the Esau. Between Obadiah and Jeremiah 49 there is a striking similarity, both prophets were contemporaries and their predication came true in 582 B.C. The Edomites aided Jerusalem against the Babylon, so Babylon destroyed the Edomites.
(2.) A godly King Ahab's servant who hid 100 prophets in a cave so they wound escape death at the hands of Jezebel's wrath I Kings 18:3-16

OBADIAH, BOOK OF -- The shortest book in the Old Testament a prophetic book that pronounces judgment against the Edomites, the descendants of Esau because of their mistreatment of God's people, the Israelites Obadiah ver 10-14

OBED-EDOM -- From the city of Gath a Philistine. For three months before its removal to Jerusalem the Ark of the covenant was left at his house. I Chron 13:13-14

OBEY -- For someone to submit to authority. Children to obey their parents Exod 20:12 ; Eph 6:1-3 Jesus was obedient to Joseph and Mary. Luke 2:51 Jesus was obedient to the Father and He requires Christian to be obedience to Him. Heb 5:8-9

OBLATION (GRAIN OFFERING) -- Consisting usually of meat, meal, first-fruits of the harvest or land it was an offering sanctified to God Lev 2:4

OBSERVER OF TIMES --Through reading signs a person who was thought to be able to foretell the future Deut 18:10-14

ODED -- Who urged kindness toward captives from Judah, a prophet of Samaria. Captives who were taken to Jericho, His intervention led to the release of them. II Chron 28:9-15

OFFENSE -- A accusation or charge against another. Reconciliation with that person should take priority over making an offering Matt 5:24

OFFERING -- Something given to God as a thanksgiving, confession, expiation or consecration, generally as a part of worship. As a full and final sacrifice for sin Jesus offered Himself Heb 7:25, 27

OFFSCOURING (SCUM, FILTH) -- Refuse; something despised or vile Lam 3:45 Paul indicated that by the world faithful Christians may be regarded as scum of the earth I Cor 4:13

OFFSPRING -- Descendants or Children Job 5:25 Jesus declared He was the "offspring of David" Rev 22:16 Of the Creator all people are regarded as offspring Acts 17:28-29

OG -- He was defeated by the Israelites at Edrei, a Amorite king of Bashan Num 21:33 To the tribe of Manasseh his territory was assigned to . Deut 3:1-13

OIL -- Extracted from olives an liquid that was burned in lamps Matt 25:3 It was also used for anointing Ps 23:5 Food preparation I Kings 17:12 and medicine Luke 10:34

OIL, TREE (OLIVE) -- The Oleaster shrub or olive tree Isa 41:19 Resembling the wild olive the Oleaster shrub had yellow flowers and olive-like fruit.

OINTMENT (PERFUME) -- Made of olive oil and spices and used in anointing ceremonies a perfumed oil or salve. Devoted followers anointed Jesus Mark 14:3

OLD GATE (JESHANAH GATE) -- Rebuilt by Nehemiah, a gate in the wall of Jerusalem Neh 3:6 ; 12:39

OLD TESTAMENT -- Containing thirty-nine books the first major section of the bible, also known as the "Old covenant" because it is pointing toward the coming of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ. Starting with God's creation of the world the Old Testament contains the books of the law, wisdom and ends with prophecies which point to the Messiah's coming Isa 53. Jer 31:31-34

OLIVE -- Used for food and olive oil the fruit of the olive tree. The symbol of peace was the branch of an olive tree Gen 8:11

OLIVES, MOUNT OF/MOUNT OLIVET -- A hill where Jesus was betrayed by Judas on the night before His crucifixion in eastern Jerusalem. Matt 26:30 , 47 The Mount of Olives olive tree branches were used to make booths for the Feast of Tabernacles. Act 1:12

OLYMPAS -- Greeted by the apostle Paul a Christian in Rome Rom 16:15

OMEN -- Used to predict future events, A sign. Divination and Witchcraft were forbidden by the Mosaic Law Deut 18:10 God frustrates the efforts of fortune-tellers and astrologers Isa 44:25

OMER -- A dry measure of two to three quarts Exod 16:16

OMNIPOTENCE -- The infinite and unlimited power which belongs to God. His names, Almighty Gen 17:1 and Omnipotent Rev 19:6 express this characteristic. God controls nature Amos 4:13 and the destiny of nations Amos 1:1-2:16 God's omnipotence is also expressed by the Holy Spirit's power to convict a person and save them. Rom 15:19

OMNIPRESENCE -- No person can hide from God because of the universal presence of God. Jer 23:23-24 In all circumstances God's Spirit is our companion. John 14:3 , 18

OMNISCIENCE -- The infinite knowledge of God. The all-knowing and all-wise God requires no counselor Isa 40:14 The key who opens all the hidden treasures of God's knowledge and wisdom is Christ. Col 2:2-3

OMRI -- One of the most important kings of Israel and the founder of a dynasty. There was a scramble for the throne and he was successful in becoming king. He moved the capital form Tirzah to Samaria, which he had built. With the marriage of his son, Ahab to Jezebel his alliance with Phoenicia was greatly strengthen. I Kings 16: 16 -- 30

ON (1.) In the wilderness a Reubenite leader who joined Korah and others in the rebellion against Moses and Aaron Num 16:1-14
  (2.) Noted for its learning and its prominence as a center of sun worship a city of lower Egypt. Joseph's wife, Asenath, was from this city Gen 41:45 Aven: Amos 1:5

ONAN -- Judah's second son who was killed for failure to consummate a marriage union with Tamar, wife of his slain brother. Gen 38:8-10

ONESIMUS -- On behalf of Onesimus, a slave, who had run away from his master Philemon, Paul wrote the epistle to Philemon. Onesimus under Paul's influence he was converted by him while hiding in the big city of Rome. Paul sent Onesimus back and requested that he be received not as a servant, but as a brother in Christ. Colossians 4:7-9 ; Philemon 10 -- 19

ONESIPHORUS -- Paul commended this Christian from Ephesus for his service after he befriended Paul when he was a prisoner in Rome. II Tim 1:16-18 ; 4:19

ONION -- A very popular vegetable in Palestine and Egypt Num 11:5

ONYCHA -- An ingredient in sacred incense. Moses was instructed to prepare this incense. Exod 30:34 It is possible that it came from the mollusk shell.

ONYX -- In the breastplate of the high priest a precious stone. Exod 28:20 To decorate the temple in Jerusalem David collected onyx I Chron 29:2

OPHEL --Perhaps a tower or other fortification on the southern side of ancient Jerusalem's eastern hill. The Nethinim moved and lived here after the Babylonian Exile Neh 3:26-27

OPHIR (1.) A great-grandson of Eber and the son of Joktan Gen 10:26-29
  (2.) Probably in Arabia the territory, populated by Ophir's descendants Gen 10:29-30 Solomon and the Phoenicians visited Ophir because it was a famous gold-producing region. I Kings 9:26-28

OPHRAH -- An angel assured him of the Lord's protection and guidance in Gideon's home town in Manasseh. Judg 6:11-14

OPPRESSOR -- Some one who mistreats and defrauds others. The Hebrews were oppressed by the Egyptians when they were made slaves of the Egyptians. Exod 3:9

ORACLE -- A wise or revelation saying given to a person for His guidance Rom 3:2 God's message is preached by Ministers I Pet 4:11

ORCHARD -- A garden that is planted all trees Eccles 2:5 particularly fruit-bearing trees Song of Sol 4:13

ORDAIN -- To be set apart, to set a person apart for special service. Judas was replaced by Matthias as an apostle after being ordained Acts 14:23 Christ's disciples were ordained to bear enduring fruit John 15:16 Christ was ordained to judge the living and the dead and to be a merciful high priest. Heb 5:1

ORDINANCES -- Rituals or procedures intended to commemorate the great events of redemption. The Lord's Supper and Baptism. I Cor 11:23-26 ; Rom 6:3-6

OREB -- A Midianite priest killed by the Ephraimites and Gideon Judg 7:25 Where he died the rock east of Jordan was given his name. Isa 10:26

ORGAN (FLUTE, PIPE) -- Played by blowing across the open ends a wind instrument made of reeds of various lengths. Gen 4:21

ORION -- Cited as evidence of God's power, a constellation of starts Job 9:9

ORNAMENTS -- Ring on the fingers, ears, and nose, Items of Jewelry Isa 3:18-23

ORONTES -- Syria's major river. Situated on the Orontes were the important cities of Kadesh, Riblah II Kings 23:33-35 and Hamath I Kings 8:65

ORPAH -- Chilion's , son of Naomi and Elimelech, wife, a Moabite woman. After the death of her husband, Chilion she returned to her own people. Ruth 1:4-15

ORPHANS -- Children with no parents. The Mosaic law required kindness toward orphans Deut 24:17

OSPRAY (BLACK VALTURE) -- An unclean bird possibly similar to the hawk Lev 11:13

OSSIFRAGE (VULTURE) -- An unclean bird that prayed upon dead animals Deut 14:12

OSTRICH -- Noted for its speed a large flightless bird Job 39:13-18 and its mournful cry Mic 1:8 According to Mosaic law it was an unclean animal Lev 11:16

OTHINIEL -- Of the tribe of Judah Othniel was the youngest brother of Caleb. Othniel became the judge for forty years after the death of Joshua. He had great success in battle and for his reward he was given Achsah, Cale's daughter for his wife . Joshua 15:17 ; Judges 1:13 ; 3:9 , 11 : I Chronicles 4:13

OUCHES (GOD FILIGREE SETTINGS) -- Set in the ephod of the high priest sockets or mounting in which precious stones were placed Exod 28:11-14

OUTCASTS -- dispossessed people. Prophets used this word to describe the Jews scattered among foreign nations Isa 11:12 ; Jer 30:17 Jesus had compassion and healed lepers who were social outcasts Luke 17:11-19

OVEN -- An earthenware large container filled with hot coals and ashes. Food utensils were placed over the opening for cooking Hos 7:7

OVERSEER -- An supervisor, elder, bishop or presbyter in charge of a congregation Acts 20:28

OWL -- It hunts at night a bird of prey that had large eyes and strong claws Ps 102:6 The Israelites considered it unclean Lev 11:11-17

OX -- A member of the cow family an animal that was used for plowing. Deut 22:10, turning the threshing grain wheel Deut 25:4 and as a beast carrying large loads I Chron 12:40 Ox also supplied milk and meat. They were also used for sacrifices Lev 17:3-4

OX GOAD -- Used to drive oxen, a spike, Judge, Shamgar, and deliverer of Israel killed six hundred Philistines with an ox goad Judg 3:31 ; 5:6