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RABBAH/RABBATH -- The Ammonites' capital city Deut 3:11-12 David's army under Joab captured the city. Amos prophesied the city's destruction. Amos 1:14 Rabbath Ezek 21:20

RABBI/RABBONI (RABBOUNI) -- Meaning "master" or "teacher" A title of great respect that was used by Nicodemus in addressing Jesus John 3:2 In Aramaic for it would be rabboni John 20:16

RAB-SHAKETH -- King Sennacherib of Assyria chief cup-bearer who demanded the surrender of Jerusalem from King Hezekiah II Kings 18:17 ; Isa 36:13-22

RACA -- meaning "worthless" or "good for nothing" A term used of insulting someone. Christ forbidden it to be used. It will lead to God's judgment and condemnation expressing such contempt for a fellow human being. Matt 5:21-22

RACE -- Refers to popular Grecian contests, races by foot, chariot, or horseback in the New Testament. The Christian's call to pursue the goal of Christ-likeness used figuratively. Heb 12:1

RACHEL/RAHEL -- Rachel was the younger daughter of Laban who Jacob wanted to marry, but had to marry her older sister Leah first. Rachel's children was Joseph and Benjamin. Genesis 29-31 ; 33 ; 35 ; 46 ; 48

RAHAB/RACHAB -- A harlot who hid the spies in Jericho sent by Joshua to scout the city Josh 2:1-6 When Jericho fell to the invading Israelites she and her family were spared. Josh 6:22-25 Rabab was commended for her faith in the New Testament. Heb 11:31 Rachab: Jesus' ancestry Matt 1:5

RAIN -- Life-giving moisture from the sky that was given by God. Because of the sin of His people it was withheld Deut 11:17 God's judgment Gen 7:4

RAINBOW -- Given by God as a promise that He would never again destroy the world with water a colored arch in the clouds after the great flood. Gen 9:9-17

RAISINS -- Used in cakes known as flagons Song of Sol 2:5 Preserved in clusters I Sam 25:18 Dried grapes

RAM (1.) Used to batter down the gates of walled cities, a long pole or beam Ezek 4:2
  (2.) Used for food Gen 31:38 and favored as a sacrificial animal, Num 15:6 A male sheep

RAMA (RAMAH) -- Possibly the site of Rachel's tomb Matt 2:18 Near Jerusalem a Benjamin city.

RAMAN -- Ramoth-gilead,. another name for this town

RAMESSES/RAAMSES -- Jacob and his descendants settled in this fertile district of Egypt Gen 47:11 Later a royal treasure city built by the Hebrew slaves may of been given this name Exod 1:11

RAMOTH-GILEAD/RAMAH/RAMOTH -- After its conquest by the Israelites this city became one of the six cities of refuge, East of the Jordan River an ancient Amorite strong-host. Deut 4:43 Ramah: II Kings 8:29 Ramoth: I Kings 22:3

RAMPART -- Used as the first line of defense for a walled city a low wall around a embankment or military trench. Lam 2:8 ; Nah 3:8

RAM'S HORN -- As a signal to warriors and worshipers the curved horn of a ram which was blown like a trumpet. Josh 6:4-13

RANSOM -- By making a payment to redeem or buy. Christ is described as a "ransom for all" because of His atoning death. I Tim 2:6

RAPTURE, THE -- Deals with the transformation of the redeemed into a glorified state at Christ's return, a doctrine held by a few churches. Phil 3:20-21 At Christ's return and given an incorruptible body the dead in Christ will be raised I Cor 15:51-53 Along with the living saints they will be caught up into the air to meet the Lord I Thess 4:16-17

RAS SHAMRA TABLETS -- Dating from the fifteenth century B.C. Clay writing tablets discovered by archaeologists at the ancient city of Ugarit in Syria. Mentioned in the Old Testament they describe the pagan religions particularly Baalism

RAVEN -- An unclean bird of prey under Mosaic Law Lev 11:15 Ravens were used by God to sustain the prophet Elijah I Kings 17:4-6

RAZOR -- Made of steel, bronze or flint a sharp instrument used for cutting hair Ezek 5:1

REAPER -- The person who job was to harvest grain Ruth 2:3 , 14 We reap what we sow is the spiritual law Gal 6:7-8

REBA -- Killed by Joshua's army in the plains of Moab, a Midianite chief Josh 13:21

REBEKAH/REBECCA -- Abraham was from Nahor in Mesopotamia and sent his servant Eliezer back to his home area to choose a wife for Isaac. Upon arrival at the well which was a common meeting place, he prayed to God for a sign, that the correct woman would give him water from her pitcher as the one to choose for Isaac. Rebekah was the daughter of Bethuel gave him a drink but watered his camels. She was the sister of Laban, mother of Jacob and Esau. She died and was buried at Machpelah before Jacob, her son returned from choosing his wives from Laban's home. Genesis 22 ; 24--29 ; 35 ; 49

RECHAB -- The founder of the Rechabites, a tribe committed to abstain from wine and live in tents and the father of Jehonadab. The prophet Jeremiah promised they would not cease to exist because of their faithfulness. Jer 35: 8-19 Still living in Iraq and Yemen the descendants of this tribe.

RECOMPENSE -- To pay back in kind Prov 12:14 Their faith and courage will be rewarded believers are assured. Heb 10:35-36

RECONCILIATION -- The process of bringing people together or opposing parties together. Believers, who are reconciled to God by Christ's victory over sin and death and justified by faith Rom 5:1, 10 Believers are to be the ambassadors of reconciliation for others II Cor 5:18-20

RECORD (TESTIMONT) -- Testimony or witness to one's faithfulness. Jesus enemies were told by Him "my record is true" John 8:14 Paul's record of faithfulness to God was defended by Paul Acts 20:26-27

RECORDER -- An aide to a king who sever as a counselor or advisor who kept official records II KIngs 18:18, 37

RED DRAGON -- A name that was used for Satan. Satan turned his fury on God's people after being cast out of heaven. Rev 12:3-17

RED HEIFER --An unblemished ox or cow that has never had a yoke placed on them. They were used as a sin offering sacrifice Num 19:1-9

RED SEA -- From fleeing from the Egyptian army the Israelites crossed miraculously this sea between Egypt and Arabia with God's intervention. Exod 14:16 ; 15:4, 22 Because of its reed-filled marshes at the head of the Gulf of Suez this body of water is also called the Sea of Reeds.

REDEEM -- Property which had been forfeited because of indebtedness to buy it back or to buy back some one who had been sold into slavery Exod 6:6 Through His atonement on the cross as our Redeemer bought us back from sin and death. Matt 20:28

REED -- Common in marshes and swamps a tall grass used to make paper, musical instruments and writing pens. Figuratively the word is also used for weakness and fragility Matt 11:7

REFINER -- By melting the ore a craftsman who removed impurities from precious metals Jer 6:29 an apt description for God who purifies His people through chastisement and affliction Isa 48:10

REFUSE (RUBBISH) -- Worthless matter or waste. Amos 8:6 Compared to the riches of knowing Christ Paul declared his accomplishments were as garbage Phil 3:8

REGENERATION -- Spiritual change brought about by New birth by the Holy Spirit in those who trust in Christ II Cor 5:17-21

REGISTER (FAMILY RECORDS, GENEALOGICAL RECORDS) -- With the names of the living on one side and the dead on the other side a tablet on which genealogical lists or census records were inscribed. Ezra 2:62

REHOB --- The spies who investigated the land of Canaan scouted this city near the source of the Jordan River Num 13:21

REHOBOAM/ROBOAM-- King of Judah 933-916 BC Shishak, Egypt's king plundered Jerusaem and 156 in Palestine. He was the successor of Solomon and a very foolish and indiscreet son, His mother an Ammonitess was Naamah. As king he threatened his people, and the ten tribes revolted and set up a rival kingdom. Rehoboam ruled over Judah for seventeen years during which the king of Egypt invaded his kingdom and conquered some of its cities, and the nation was never reunited. I Kings 11--14 ; 14:21--15:6 ; II Chronicles 10:1--12:16

REHOBOTH -- In the valley of Gerar south of Beer-sheba the name of a well dug by Isaac Gen 26:17, 22

REINS -- A vital body organ in humans and animals, KJV word for the kidney. They were considered a special ceremonial sacrifice the reins of an animal. Lev 3:4-5 The kidneys in humans were regarded as the seat of affection and conscience Prov 23:16

REJOICE -- To express one's joy or to be glad. God's blessings gives you joy. Exod 18:9

REKEM -- The Israelites under Moses killed this Midianite king Num 31: 8 ; Josh 13:21

REMISSION -- God's pardon or forgiveness of our sins. Christ's atoning death this forgiveness is based on. Matt 26:28 and our repentance Mark 1:4 and our faith in Christ Acts 10:43

REMNANT (SURVIVORS) -- In the midst of widespread sin and idolatry a small group of God's people who remained loyal to Him. That Israel would be punished for its unfaithfulness the prophet Isaiah declared. Isa 1:9 His people would be preserved a righteous remnant of them. Isa 10:20-22 His righteous remnant, the church God continues to work through them. Rom 11:5

REMPHAN (REPHAN) -- An act which would make them be taken into exile by the Babylonians, worshiping secretly the star god of the Babylonians Acts 7:41-43

REND (TEAR) -- To tear apart using force. A sign of great sorrow or repentance was rending one's clothes Esther 4:1

REPENTANCE -- The turning act from sin and changing one's orientation from rebellion to acceptance of God's will and lordship over us. God is patient and commands all persons to repent. Acts 17:30 Christ came to call all sinners to repentance Luke 5:32 Christ counsels all believers to forgive a brother who repents. Luke 17:3

REPHAIM (REPHAITES) (1.) David defeated the Philistines in this fertile Vally near Jerusalem. II Sam 5:18-22
  (2.) Defeated by Chedorlaomer, a king of Elam and allied kings a race of giants in Palesine. Gen 14:5

REPHIDIM -- Between the wilderness of Mt. Sinai and Sin where Amalek was defeated and Moses struck the rock a camping site of the Israelites Exod 17:1

REPROACH -- Scorn, shame, or blame. Jesus the Messiah for our sake suffered reproach Isa 53:3-6 ; Rom 15:3

REPROBATE (DEPRAVED, DEBASED) -- A person who is worthless or depraved, corrupt -- a term applied to those who rejected God. ( Rom 1:28)

REFROOF -- For misconduct a sharp rebuke. Herod for his incestuous marriage was reproved by the John the Baptist Luke 3:19-20

RESH -- Used as a heading over Ps 119:153-160 the twentieth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

RESTITUTION -- For property lost or for wrong done a person to make a fair settlement to correct it. The Mosaic Law strictly required Restitution. Exod 22:1 Of what he had taken unlawfully as a tax collector Zacchaeous promised to make fourfold restitution . Luke 19:8

RESURRECTION -- For believers it leads to eternal life a raising to life beyond physical death This truth was taught by Jesus John 6:40 , 44 and was then demonstrated by His miracles Matt 9:25 as well as His own resurrection Acts 2:32 Paul taught that like that of Christ Christians will have a glorified body Phil 3:20-21 and it will last through eternity Rom 2:7

RESURRECTION OF CHRIST -- Following His death the return of Jesus to physical life. In Psalms Ps 16:10-11 His resurrection was foretold and prophecy Isa 53:10-12 announced by Christ Himself Mark 9:9-10 and proclaimed by the apostles Acts 2:32 ; 3:15 It validates our faith and witness I Cor 15:14-15 assures believers of resurrection I Cor 15:18-20 emphasizes our final victory over sin and death I Cor 15:17, 26, 54, 57 and inspires faithfulness in Christian service I Cor 15:58

RETRIBUTION -- A repayment for wrong done. God's wrath and punishment against man's unbelief and rebellion Rom 1:18 The only thing that can deliver us from god's retribution is trust in Jesus and His atoning death can deliver us from God's retribution. I Thess 1:10

REUBEN -- He was Jacob and Leah's eldest son and had many privileges due him which he forfeited them by his sins. In the history of Israel little importance is given to the tribe which he founded. Genesis 29:32 ; 30:14 ; 35 ; 37 ; 42 ; 46 ; 48 Exodus 1:2 ; 6:14

REVELATION -- The presentation or the uncovering of truth at God's initiative II Cor 12:1-7 The Only begotten Son Christ reveals the Father John 1:18 God's searching Spirit I Cor 2:10 interprets the divine purpose through the prophets I Pet 1:12 and the apostle Gal 1:16

REVELATION OF JOHN -- The last book of the New Testament. It consists of a series of seven visions revealed to the apostle John directly from the Lord. Using symbols such as plagues, horsemen, and angels some considered to portray the end of this present age and the coming of God's kingdom. Using the sen visions you can make a convenient outline of the book: (1.) Christ encouraging His church against attacks Rev 1:9-3:22 (2.) Christ the Lamb with a sealed scroll Rev 4:1-7:17 (3.) Seven angels blowing trumpets Rev 8:1-11:19 The Beast and Satan persecuting the church Rev 12:1-14:20 (5.) Seven bowls pouring out the wrath of Christ Rev 15:1-16:21 (6.) The judgment of Rome or Babylonia Rev 17:1-19:20 and then (7.) The final victory of God and His final judgment Rev 19:11-21 On a triumphant note with-God's promise of a new Heaven and a new earth. Rev 21:1-22:21

REVENGE -- Getting even or retaliation against another. His disciples for a vengeful spirit Jesus rebuked them. Luke 9:54-56 and commanded forbearance Matt 5:38-44 Show mercy toward others and He commanded us to love our enemies. Luke 6:35-38 Vengeance should be exacted only by God the bible declares Prov 20:22 ; Heb 10:30T

REVERENCE -- Deep respect and awe feeling which believers are to show toward God and the sanctuary devoted to worship Lev 19:30 ; Ps 89:8 Reverence can and should be also shown to kings, Christ being the king of all kings I Kings 1:31 Parents Heb 12:9 and family members Eph 5:33

REVILER (SLANDERER) A Mocker: Revilers will not inherit the kingdom of God. I Cor 6:10 Slanderer: NIV Those reviled for the sake of Christ will be blessed and rewarded. Matt 5:11-12

REWARD -- A payment or return for services. Those who diligently seek Him, God will reward. Heb 11:6

REZIN -- Syria's last king who was killed in the conquest by Tiglath-pileser of Assyria II Kings 15:37 ; 16:5-9

RHEGIUM -- Paul land on his way to Rome in this port in southern Italy. Acts 28:13

RHODA -- John Mark's Mother, Mary servant girl who answered the door for Peter after his miraculous release from prison Acts 12:13-16

RHODES -- Paul's ship passed this Greek Island when sailing from Assos to Palestine Acts 21:1

RICHES -- Earthly treasures and material goods which are portrayed as de4ceitful Matt 13:22 fleeting Prov 23:5 and uncertain I Tim 6:17 Jesus urged believers to lay up spiritual treasures that will last for ever in heaven rather than earthly possessions that will not last. Matt 6:19-20

RIDDLE -- A hidden meaning in a story. The Philistines received a riddle from Samson Judg 14:12-19

RIE (SPELT) -- In poor soil under hot dry conditions this common Egyptian grain plant will thrive. Exod 9:32

RIGHT HAND -- Symbol of strength and power Ps 77:10 At God's right hand Jesus is exalted in power. Eph 1:20

RIGHTEOURSNESS -- God's attribute which signifies His justice, holiness and sinlessness. Ps 35:24 God's righteousness is imputed or granted to believers through faith inf Christ Matt 6:33 The interests of God's righteous kingdom Christians are encouraged to pursue Matt 6:33

RIMMON -- Naaman the leper worshiped this Syrian god, II Kings 5:18 possibly a god of rain or the sun.

RING A circular band that is worn in the ears, nostrils, fingers, wrists, and ankles as an ornament. Joseph received a ring from the pharaoh of Egypt as a symbol of authority as his aide or advisor Gen 41:42

RIVER -- A large freshwater stream. In the Bible the largest rivers mentioned are Abana II Kings 5:12 Euphrates Gen 2:14 Jordan Matt 3:6 Nile Exod 7:21 Pharpar II Kings 5:12 and Hiddekel or Tigris Gen 2:14

RIVER OF EGYPT (WADI OF EGYPT) -- It marked the old boundary between Palestine and Egypt a small steam flowing into the Mediterranean Sea . Num 34:5

RIZPAH -- King Saul's concubine who was taken by Abner after Saul's death II Sam 3:6-8 The Gibeonites during David's reign hanged her two sons II Sam 21:8-11

ROAD (RAID) -- Also called a way or highway, a trail or path for public travel. Mark 10:46 Used as a figure of speech for a raid by robbers or invaders I Sam 27:10

ROBBER -- A person who steals from others. "beaten by robbers" Luke 10:30

ROBE -- Similar to a tunic or mantle a long outer garment. "dressing Him in a purple robe" Matt 27:28

ROCK -- A stone. It is used metaphorically for God to show His strength and stability Ps 18:31 "His disciple" John 1:42

ROD (SHOOT) -- A stick or staff Ps 23:4 Figuratively the word is used for a branch or off shoot of a family or tribe. Example Isa 11:1

ROE/ROEBUCK (GAZELLE) -- Noted for its swiftness a graceful deer II Sam 2:18 The Jews considered it a clean animal Deut 12:15 , 22 Roebuck: I Kings 4:23

ROLL (SCROLL) -- A strip of parchment that was used to write on, then rolled up on a stick Jer 36:2.

ROMAN EMPIRE -- During the New Testament time the powerful pagan empire that dominated the known world. Rom 1:7 In 735 B.C. by Romulus founded by the Tiber River. The nation was gos governed by kings until 509 B.C. when it became a Republic. During the Republic period Rome extended her borders greatly, eventually annexing Palestine and Syria in 63 B.C. In 27 B.C. Augustus Caesar became emperor of then the far reaching empire and was reigning at Jesus' birth. Luke 2:1-7 Under sentence from Pilate, the Roman governor of Judes Jesus was crucified by Roman soldiers. Matt 27: 24-26

ROMANS, EPISTLE TO THE. -- Written by the apostle Paul an epistle of the New Testament to the Christians at Rome. The epistle was on the themes of righteousness and salvation. The most theological and systematic of all of Paul' epistles, The gospel is the power of salvation to all who believe Rom 1:16-17 Discussed in the epistle include other themes (1.) The truth that all people, both Gentiles and Jews are unworthy of God's grace Rom 1:18-3:20 (2.) God's imputed righteousness through which God justifies and sanctifies believers Rom 3:21-8:39 (3.) God's plan of redemption to Israel. Rom 9:1-11:36 and (4.) In the life of believers the practical application of faith Rom 12:1-15:13

ROME -- The Roman Empire capital city. Rom 1:7 The place where Paul was imprisoned during his final days and where as a martyr and likely died there. Phil 1:12-13 ; 4:22 ; II Tim 4:6-8 To the Christians in this city His epistle to the Romans. were addressed. Rom 1:1-7 Rome is figuratively portrayed as Babylon in the New Testament. I Pet 5:13

ROOT -- The part of a plant that is the life-sustaining. Also used figuratively describing Christ's humiliation Isa 53:2 and exaltation Isa 11:10 Also the believer's foundation in Christ Col 2:7

ROPE/CORD -- A heavy cord: placed on the head or neck signified distress I Kings 20:31-32 Cord Judg 15:13

ROSE (CROCUS) -- Perhaps the narcissus, but a flowering plant. This fragrant flower which grew in the plan of Sharon Isa 35:1

RUBY (CORAL) -- Perhaps coral or pearl a precious stone. Prov 3:15

RUDDY -- Having a fair or reddish completion when most people of the Middle East is dark skin. I Sam 16:12

RUE -- An herb with a bitter taste and a strong odor, almost worthless, and for that reason Jesus denounced the Pharisees who were

RUFUS -- Paul greeted and commended this fellow believer Rom 16:13 It is to believed that he was the son of Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross of Jesus. Mark 15:21

RUHAMAH -- Meaning "having obtained favor" was a symbolic name for Israel, Hosea gave it to his daughter to show that Israel would be forgiven after their repentance Hos 2:1

RUSH -- Perhaps the same plant as the bulrush, rush is a plant that grew in marshes, Job 8:11

RUST -- A substance which corrodes and destroys metal. Jesus used this word to warn of how earthly treasures were installable and uncertain Job 8:11

RUTH -- Moab, a fairly rich country just east of the Dead Sea is where Ruth was from. An Israelite woman, Naomi was her mother-in-law who had moved to Moab with two sons and husband to avoid the famine. Ruth husband was Mahlon and her sister Orpah married his brother Chilion, who was Naomi's children. The three women became widows, Naoma decided to return to Bethlehem, with Ruth deciding to accompany her and to provide their food. She went into the field and as the custom of that day pick up left over grain to eat. The field she went into was Baoz, a kinsman of Naomi's husband, Elimelech. After some time Boaz married Ruth and they had Obed, who would become the father of Jesse, who would become the father of David whose line would continue on to the birth of Jesus. Ruth's story is recorded in Ruth of the Old Testament.

RUTH, BOOK OF -- In the Old Testament a book very short that almost reads like a story on the power of love in dismal circumstances. In spite of the death of their husbands love bound Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi together. Ruth 1:1-2:23 and with her marriage to Boaz, a kinsman of Naomi's family Ruth found happiness and security again. Ruth 3:1-4:22