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QUAILS -- Food for the Israelites in the Wilderness that was a small game birds provided miraculously by the Lord Exod 16:12-13

QUARTUS -- A Christian at Corinth. Paul sent greetings to the church at Rome to this Christian. Rom 16:23

QUATERNION -- A total of four soldiers called a company who guarded prisoners during the night. called a watch assignment consisting of three hours Acts 12:4

QUEEN -- Wife or mother of a king, or a woman who exercised royal power. In the bible Esther exercised great power as King Ahasuerus' wife of Persia Esther 5:2 Solomon's mother Bathsheba, was provided a seat at his right hand 1st King 2:19

QUEEN OF HEAVEN -- During the idolatrous days before the fall of the nation of Judah a fertiltiy goddess worshiped by the citizens of Jerusalem Jer 7:18 ; 44:17 Her name may of been Astaroth.

QUICKEN --To give or preserve life. God was praised by the psalmist who will "quicken me again" in Ps 71:20 The Father and Son have the authority and power to raise the dead and give eternal life John 5:21

QUICKSANDS (SYRTIS) -- Off the African coast in the Mediterranean Sea a Sandbars or shifting sands which posed a hazard for ships Acts 27:17

QUIVER -- A container or sheath carried by foot sholdiers or hung on the side of a chariot to carry arrows in. Lam 3:13, In Isa 49:2 Quiver is used figuratively for God's protection and the blessing of Children in Ps 127:5

QUMRAN, KHIRBET -- The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered at this site near the Dead Sea