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HABAKKUK -- Except what is known from the three chapter book he wrote very little is known about his personal life. In 608 B.C. during the reign of Jehoiakim, king of Judah, he became the eighth Minor Prophets of Judah. He foretold the captivity of Judah by the Babylonians and the destruction of Jerusalem. As one of the finest writers of the Old Testament the keynote of Habakkuk is "The just shall live by faith". Martin Luther during the Reformation adopted this refrain.

HABAKKUK, BOOK OF -- A Old Testament short prophetic book that questions the coming humiliation and suffering of God's people at the hands of the pagan Babylonians Hab 1:1-4; 1:12-2:1 It is clear that is using the Babylonians against His wayward people as an instrument of judgment. Hab 1:5-11 ; 2:2-20 At the ending or closing Habakkuk closes with a psalm of praise to God for His salvation and mercy Hab 3:

HABERGEON -- The priest's breastplate, an Old English work for it. (Exodus 28:32 ; 39:23)

HABITATION -- A place of residence (Num 15:2; Acts 17:32)

HADAD -- He became an enemy of King Solomon but was an Edomite prince or ruler. (I Kings 11:14-25)

HADADEZER/HADAREXER --She became the mother of Ishmael by Abraham but was Sarah's Egyptian slave. Gen 16 God intervened to save the two of them when she was driven into the wilderness with her son because of conflict with Sarah. (Gen 21:9-21 Agar: Gal 4:24)

HAGAR/AGAR -- Because Sarah was barren she gave Hagar, her Egyptian maid to her husband Abraham and had a child named Ishmael. When Ishmael was around the age of thirteen Sarah became jealous of the boy and his mother. She influenced Abraham to send them to Wilderness of Para to live. Genesis 16, 21

HAGGAI -- Haggai was the tenth of the Minor Prophets, and the first after the return from the Babylonian captivity. He was born in Babylon and came to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel as tradition has it. The two-chapter book of Haggai and the burden of his prophecy was to exhort the people to finish the rebuilding of the Temple. For fifteen years nothing had been done except for the foundations being laid, because of a difference with the Samaritans and their own apathy. The temple was finished in the sixth year of Darius after Haggai and Zechariah got the people interested and building again.

HAGGAI, BOOK OF -- A Old Testament short prophetic book written to encourage the Jewish captives under the Babylonians and Persians who had returned to their homeland after three generations. They were encouraged to finish the task of the temple in Jerusalem of rebuilding. Hag 1:1-2:9 and in difficult times to remain faithful to God. Hag 2:10-23

HAGGITH -- Mother of Adonijah and wife of David II Sam 3:4

HAIL -- Frozen rain Job 38:22 it symbols of God's judgment Rev 8:7

HAIR -- On the head, and other places fibers on the human body. As a symbol of God's special care of believers Matt 10:30

HALAH (hay'-lah) A region or city of Mesopotamia which the Assyrians brought some of the North Kingdom deported Israelites II Kings 17:6

HALAKAH (hah'-lah-kak') -- Typical of post biblical Judaism a Juridical community on Scripture;

HALF-SHEKEL -- Equal to two Greek drachmas (Matt 17:24) Temple tax required for each Jew.

HALF-SHEKEL TAX -- Also called the two-drachma tax or temple tax Exodus 30:13-14 Matt 14:24-27

HALF-TRIBE OF MANASSEH -- One tribe east of the Jordan River and the other central Palestine is what this phrase refers to the two tribe of Manasseh. Num 32:33-34; Josh 22:10

HALICARNASSUS -- On the southwest coast of Asia Minor a Greek City. Citizens of the city was addressed by the letter from the Roman Senate Supporting the Jews in the time of the Maccabees (1st Mac 15:23)

HALLEL -- It was the designation for a group of Psalms for the Hebrew people to "Praise" (Ps 113-118) Whose recitation was ordered on some solemn feasts, Paschal super (Matt 26:30) Grand Halley comprised (Ps 120-136)

HALLOW -- To make holy or to set apart for holy use. Exodus 20:11; Luke 11:2

HAM -- Noah's youngest son. Thought to be the ancestors of the people of several nations, Ham's four sons. Canaan (Canaanites) Mizraim (Egypt), Cush and Phut (Africa and Ethiopia) Gen 10:6

HAMAN -- King Ahasuerus of Persia aide who plotted to kill all the Jews with the Jewish Leader Mordecai only to be hanged himself on th gallows that he had built for Mordecai's execution Esther 3:1--9:25

HAMATH/HEMATH (LEBO-HAMATH) -- North of Damascus a Hittite city Josh 13:5 Hemath Amos 6:14

HAMMEDATHA (ham'-ma-day'-tha) According to Esther 3:1 He was the son of Haman who was made prime minister by Ahasuerus (Xerxes)

HAMMER -- A tool for driving, Judge 4:21 A symbol of the power of God's Word Jer 23:29

HAMMOTH-DOR/HAMMATH/HAMMON -- In the territory of Naphtali a city of refuge. Josh 21:32 Could be the same city as Hammon I Chron 6:76 and Hammath Josh 19:35

HAMMURABI, CODE OF -- An influential and ancient law code named for an early king of Babylonia. An archaeologist at Susa discovered this code in 1901-1902

HANAMEEL (HANAMEL) -- Jeremiah the prophet's cousin Jer 32:7 During the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians Jeremiah bought a field from Hanameel to signify hope for the future for God's people Jer 32:8-12

HANANI -- The brother of Nehemiah who became governor of Jerusalem Neh 7:2 While Nehemiah was in Persia Hanani brought news of the suffering citizens of Jerusalem to him. Neh 1:2-3

HAND OF GOD -- For the power of God an symbolic expression. Exodus 9:3 and the guidance which God provides for His people. Ps 63:8

HANDBREADTH -- About four inches. a measure of length of one's hand based on the width of the palm. Exodus 25:25 Symbolic of the brevity and frailty of life Ps 39:5

HANDKERCHIEF (CLOTH) --A small cloth that was used for wiping the face or hands Acts 19:12 It was also a burial cloth that was placed over the face of the corpses John 20:7 HANDMAID (MAIDSERVANT) -- A female servant Gen 29:24 Signified humility Ruth 2:13-14

HANGING -- A way or form of capital punishment II Sam 18:10 Haman was hanged on the gallows which he had prepared for Mordicai. , Esther 7:9-10

HANNAH -- The Ark of the Covenant was kept at the center of worship for the Israelites which had been established at Shiloh by Joshua. An annual pilgrimage to pray at Shiloh was made by Hannah. Hannah was joined by her husband, Elkanah, Elkanah's other wife and children also went on this twenty-mile journey high in the mountains above her home in Ramah. Eli, the priest heard her petitions of praying for a son that she would dedicate him to the Lord, I Sam 1:24-28 he then blessed her and prayed for her. I Sam 1:5-11 God answered her prayer by giving her Samuel. Later she has three more sons and two daughters I Samuel 1 , 2

HANNIEL -- Appointed by Moses to help divide the land of Canaan after the Israelites' occupation, a representative of the tribe of Manasseh. Num 34:23

HANUN -- Defeated by David an Ammonite king II Sam 10:2-4

HARA -- After the fall of their nation a site in Assyria where some of the captives from the Northern Kingdom were settled. I Chron 5:26

HARAN/CHARRAN -- Known as a center of pagan worship a city of Mesopotamia II Kings 19:12 At God's command to settle in Canaan after living in Haran for a time. Gen 12:4-5 Charran Acts 7:2, 4

HARDNESS OF HEART -- Symbolic expression for a stubborn or a rebellion and unyielding spirit, an exemplified by the pharaoh of Egypt in refusing in the Hebrew slaves being freed. Exodus 9:35

HARE (RABBIT) -- An animal with long ears and legs like a rabbit. Duet 14:7 The Israelites considered the Hares as unclean Lev 11:6

HAREM -- A group of women who is married to one man, especially a king. Esther was a member of King Ahasuerus of Persia harem Esther 2:8-14

HARLTO (PROSTITUTE) -- Among God's people harlotry was forbidden Lev 19:29 Often compared to the spiritual adultery of God's people was the engaging in prostitution Isa 57:7-9 ; Rev 17:1-18

HAROD -- Gideon and his army camped by this well or spring near the mountains of Gilboa. Judge 7:1

HARP (LYRE) -- Frequently used in worship a stringed musical instrument II Chron 29:25 David used it to calm King Saul I Sam 16:16, 23

HARROW -- An implement or agricultural tool probably to level a plowed field for planting Job 39:10

HART (DEER) -- A male deer. Illustrated to spiritual thirst Ps 42:1 and conversion Isa 35:6

HARVEST -- Gathering of mature crops Lev 23:10 Illustrated the ripe spiritual harvest Matt 9:37-38

HATE --Animosity toward another or extreme dislike. Return love for malice Luke 6:27

HAUGHTINESS -- An arrogant spirit. Haughty persons will be humbled Prov 16:18; Isa 2:11 , 17

HAURAN -- Near Mt. Hermon a fertile district east of the Jordan River Ezek 47:16

HAWK -- Considered unclean by the Israelites a bird of prey Deut 14:15

HAY (GRASS) -- While fresh and green grass that was cut and fed to livestock Isa 15:6

HAZAEL -- At God's command by the prophet Elijah anointed this leader king of Syria. I Kings 19:15 In order to take the throne he murdered Ben-hadad. II Kings 8:7-15 Hazael attacked both Judah II Kings 12:17-18 and Israel II Kings 10:32

HAZEL (ALMOND) -- Jacob cut a rod or switch from this type of tree. Gen 30:37

HAZEROTH -- Miriam and Aaron rebelled against Moses Num 12:1-2 at this camping place for the Israelites in the wilderness Num 11:35

HAZOR -- Joshua destroyed this royal Canaanite city Josh 11:1-13 After the city was rebuilt the fortress city was later ravaged by Deborah and Barak during the period of the judges Judg 4:2-24 King Tiglath-pileser of Assyria ultimately destroyed the city II Kings 15:29

HE -- Used as a heading over Ps 119:33-40 the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

HEALING -- Restring a person to good health, the process. God's power over sickness and death with his compassion was showed by Jesus' healing ministry Mark 1:34

HEART -- The heart was the center of one's existence including emotions Gen 42:28, skill or wisdom Exodus 35:35 and even physical life Deut 6:5 to the Hebrews. A person speaks and acts from the heart, so you should guard it carefully Matt 15:18-19

HEATH -- Grew in the desert regions of Palestine a dense bush or shrub. Jer 17:6

HEATHEN (NATIONS GENTILES) -- Beside the Jews a word for ethnic groups Ezek 22:15 Used for Gentiles, unbelievers, or pagans Gal 1:16

HAEAVE OFFERING -- The first-fruits of the harvest offering. Num 15:19-21 Also known as a peace offering Josh 22:23


HEAVENLY CITY -- A place built for those who belong to God to dwell in forever. A beautiful city built for them. Heb 11:10-16 God will also dwell eternally among the redeemed and the city will be called "New Jerusalem" Rev 21:2-10

HEBREWS, EPISTLE TO THE -- The author is unknown in this epistle of the New Testament that is written to a group of believers of Jewish background to show that the Old Testament ceremonial law and sacrificial system had been replaced by Jesus. The book of Hebrews declares that Jesus is superior to angels Heb 1:1--2:18 and Moses Heb 3:1-16 Hebrew also declarers that Jesus is our great High Priest who offered Himself for our sins rather than a sacrificial animal as an atoning sacrifice. Heb chap 4-10 Hebrew closes to believers to remember the great heroes of the faith Heb chap 11 and to remain true and steadfast in their commitment to Christ Heb chap 12-13

HEGAI -- King Ahasuerus's eunuch who was in charge of the women (Exth 2:3)

HEGEMONIDES -- Under Antiochus V Eupator the Governor of the region between Ptolemais and Gerar (164-161 B.C.)

HEIFER -- A young cow Gen 15:9 Used figuratively of complacency or contentment. Jer 50:11

HELAM (hee'-lam) -- The location where David won a decisive victory over the Aramean army of hadadezer who had come to aid the Ammunites in this city in transjordan (2nd Sam 10:16-19)

HELED (hee'-led) One of the groups known as the thirty of David's warriors (2nd Sam 23:29)

HELI -- Father of Joseph, Mary's husband, in the ancestry of Jesus Luke 3:23

HELL -- This place is reserved for unbelievers, the place of eternal torment. Sheol meaning Hell in Hebrew and corresponding to the Greek word Hades. Hades which means a place of the dead or unseen underworld. In the New Testament the word Gehenna is also rendered as hell. A site for heathen worship Gehenna is derived from the Valley of Hinnom, It became a dumping ground near Jerusalem where dead animals and filth were burned. Hence hell’s association with the final state of lost souls in a place of eternal fire. Mark 9:47-48 As Hell is described as a "lake of fire" Rev 19:20 "everlasting destruction" II Thess 1:9 and the "second death" Rev 20:14

HELLENISTS -- Jews who spoke Greek.

HELMET -- To protect soldiers in combat with an armored covering for the head. The "helmet of salvation" which protected believers in spiritual warfare is spoken of by Paul. Eph 6:17

HELPER -- A person who assists another. Holy Spirit's comfort and intercession on behalf of believers Rom 8:26

HELP MEET (HELPER) -- A mate, helper or companion. Eve was created by God as a helper for Adam Gen 2:18

HEM -- Worn to remind the Jews of God's commandments, a decorative fringe or border on a piece of clothing. Exod 28:33-34

HEMAN -- A grandson of Saul a talented musician under David I Chron 6:33; 15:16-17 Regarded as a person of spiritual insight I Chron 25:5

HEMLOCK (WORMWOOD) -- A poisonous and bitter plant Amos 6:12

HENA -- Captured by the Assyrians a city on the Euphrates II Kings 18:34

HEPHZI-BAH -- Meaning "my delight is in her" A symbolic name which would be used after her restoration to God's grace and favor, Jerusalem Isa 62:4

HERALD -- A person sent by a high government official to announce good news or deliver a public and formal message Dan 3:4

HERB -- A plant used to season food and to promote healing Gen 1:29 At the first Passover the Israelites used bitter herbs in their bread. Exod 12:8

HERD -- A group of oxen, cattle or sheep I Sam 11:5 A person's wealth was measured by the size of his herd in the Old Testament time. II Sam 12:1-3

HERDMAN (SHEPHERD) -- A keeper or tender of livestock. Amos the prophet was a farmer and herdsman Amos 7:14

HERESY -- Deny essential doctrines of the Christian faith, false teaching. A serious problem condemned by Paul I Cor 11:19

HERMAS -- Paul greeted and commended this fellow believer at Rome. Rom 16:14

HERMES -- Used in the NIV, NRSV for the pagan god Mercurius.

(HERMAS) Paul greeted and commended this fellow believer at Rome Rom 16:14

HERMOGENES -- From the province of Asian a believer who turned away from Paul II Tim 1:15

HERMON, MOUNT/SIRION/SHENIR/SENIR -- At an elevation of almost 10,000 feet the highest mountain in Syria Josh 12:1 It was also called Senir Ezek 27:5, Sirion and Shenir Deut 3:9


HERODIANS -- In New Testament times an influential Jewish group that favored Roman law and Greek customs. They joined forces against Jesus with the Pharisees. Mark 3:6

HERODIAS -- The queen of Herod Antipas or wife of the Roman provincial ruler of Palestine. Herod Antipas is who had John the Baptist executed John had criticized her and she was angry because of the criticism of her immorality and illicit marriage Rom 16:11

HERODION -- Greeted and commended by Paul who called a believer at Rome "my kinsman" Rom 16:11

HERRON/KIRJATH-ARBA -- Where Abraham lived and where Sarah died in this ancient town in Canaan Gen 23:2-6 After the conquest of Canaan the city was then designated as one of the six cities of refuge. Kirjath-arba Josh 14:15

HERON -- An unclean bird which lived in the marshes and lakes of Palestine Deut 14:18

HESHBON -- Captured by the Amorite king an ancient Moabite city that was east of the Jordan River. Num 21:25-34

HETH -- Ancestor of the Hittites and a son of Canaan Abraham in securing a burial place for Sarah dealt with the sons of Heth Gen 23:3-20

HEWER (WOODCUTTER, STONECUTTER) -- Someone who cuts wood. Josh 9:21 Woodcutter: NIV or stonecutter II Kings 12:12

HEZEKIAH/EZEDIAS -- The son and successor of Ahaz, devout, and sincere, he was one of the most outstanding kings to rule Judah and was the thirteenth king of Judah. His father King Ahaz had submitted his country to the domination of the Assyrians. So, all during the reign of Hezekiah there were constant unrest and fear of an invasion by the forces of Sennacherib, Hezekiah prayed to God and the city of Jerusalem was saved from attack. Hezekiah prayed to God that he might not die when suffering from a serious illness. God heard him and granted him fifteen additional years. In the temple which had the brazen serpent which had become an idol was destroyed and the sanctuaries cleansed from idolatry. II Kings 16:20 -- 20:21; II Chronicles 28:27; 29:32; Isaiah 36 -- 39

HIEL -- In King Ahab's time a native of Bethel who rebuilt the city of Jericho I Kings 16:34 O Joshua's curse against the city this was a fulfillment Josh 6:26

HIERAPOLIS -- In Asia Minor a city of the district of Phrygia. Paul mentioned the city and was implying that Christianity had been planted in the city. Col 4:13

HIGGAION -- Perhaps signifying a soft quiet sound, a musical term translates " meditation" in Ps 9:16

HIGH PLACE -- An elevated place where false gods were worshiped. II Kings 12:3 God's wrath was provoked by these shrines of idolatry Ps 78:58

HIGH PRIEST -- The head of the priesthood, or chief priest. This office or position was filled by succession of the oldest son of each generation through the lineage of Aaron, Israel's first high priest Exodus 28. Our high priest is Jesus Heb 4:14 Living sacrifice on our behalf Heb 9:26

HIGHWAY -- In Bible times the highways were nothing more than paths or crude trails. They generally connected major trading centers or large cities together. Isa 19:23

HILKIAH -- During the reign of King Josiah of Judah a high priest. This priest found the lost Book of the Law and then used it to bring about religious reform II Kings 22:8-23:4

HILL -- An elevated site that Pagan altars were often built on. I Kings 14:23

HILL COUNTRY (MOUNTAIN REGION) -- In southern Lebanon and northern Judea a region of low, rugged mountains Josh 13:6

HIN -- Equal to about one and one-half gallons a unit of measurement. Exodus 29:40

HIND (DEER) -- A female deer. Symbolically the word is used to show spiritual resilience Hab 3:19; Ps 18:33

HINNOM, VALLEY OF -- Southwest of Jerusalem a deep, narrow ravine. This place was used for pagan worship involving child sacrifice. II Chron 28:3; Jer 19:2-4 In the New Testament time some scholars believe this sit became a garbage dump for the city of Jerusalem known as Gehenna. Gehenna translated means "hell" Matt 2:22; Mark 9:43

HIRAM/HURAM -- Hiram was the king of Tyre and friendly with both David and Solomon. He sent them materials and workmen for the building of the palace and the Temple. As a join enterprise, Solomon and Hiram sent ships to Ophir for gold. I Kings 5, 9, 10 : II Chronicles 2 , 8 , 9

HIRELING (LABORER, HIRED HAND) -- To do farm chores a common laborer hired for a short time. Job 7:1-2

HISS -- To show contempt and scorn, a sound made by forcing air between the teeth and the tongue. Job 27:23; Isa 5:25-26

HITTITES -- Apparently before Abraham's time an ancient people who lived in Canaan. It is believed that they lived before Abraham's time because Abraham bought a burial cave from Ephron who we believe was a Hittitel Gen 23:10-20 Hitties also served in the army of David. II Sam 11:6, 15

HIVITES -- Descendants of Canaan Gen 10:6 They lived in the Promised Land before and after the Hebrew people occupied the new territory Deut 7:1

HOBAH -- A region in Syria north of Damascus (Gen 14:15)

HODAVIAH (hod'-a-vy'ah) Personal name (1st Chron 3:24 ; 5:24 ; 9:7 ; Ezra 2:40 ; Neh 7:43)

HOGLAH -- One of Zelopehad's five daughters (num 26:33 ; 27:1 ; 36:11 ; Josh 17:3

HOHAM (ho'-ham) -- Near the cave at Makkedah King of Hebron and the other kings of centrao Palestine defeated Joshua and the Gibeonities (Josh 10:3 ; Hosh 10:1-27:

HOLINESS -- Moral purity. Sanctified or to be set apart for the service to God. With God being holy Exodus 15:11 He expects holiness from His people Rom 12:1 "Holy One of God" Mark 1:24

HOLINESS CODE -- The code of Laws in Levities (Levities 17-26)

HOLOFERNES (hol'-o-fer'-neers) -- Hhe was the general of Nebuchadnezzar's army which invaded Palestine in the book of Judith. judith beheaded him and saved her people and land.

HOLY GHOST -- For Holy Spirit an old English phrase Acts 5:3

HOLY OF HOLIES (HOLY PLACE) -- Of the temple and tabernacle the sacred innermost sanctuary. Here is where the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat was placed with only the high priest could enter only one day a year on the Day of Atonement, when he was making a special sacrifice for the sins of the people Heb 9:2-3

HOLY PLACE -- King James Version phrase for the section of the tabernacle just outside the holy of holies Exodus 28:29

HOLY SPIRIT -- Third person of the trinity. Gen 1:2; 6:3 Zech 4:6 contains glimpses and promises of the Holy Spirit. From His birth the Spirit rested on Jesus. Luke 1:35 After Jesus' resurrection and ascension to the Father the full manifestation of the Spirit's power occurred at Pentecost. Act 2:1-21 As a comforter and advocate in His absence Jesus promised He would send the Holy Spirit. John 14:16; 1st John 2:1 Glorify the Son the Spirit would John 15:16 empower believers John 14:12-27 and convict unbelievers of coming judgment and sin. John 16:8-11 Inspire the Scriptures, thus providing guidance and direction to believes was another function of the Holy Spirit

HOMER -- Equal to about six bushels the standard unit of dry measure Ezek 45:11

HOMOSEXUALITY -- A sin strictly forbidden by the Old Testament law a practice of sexual activity among persons of the same sex. Lev 18:22 Also condemning this practice was Paul Rom 1:26-27 ; I Cor 6:9

HONESTY -- Acting fairly and speaking the truth without deceit in human relationships. Lev 18:22 All believers should practice this virtue. II Cor 13:7

HONEY -- Produced naturally from bees and artificially from fruit, a sweet liquid substance. It was used to sweeten food Exodus 16:31 Used symbolically for abundance Exodus 3:8, 17

HONEYCOMB -- Built by bees to hold their eggs and honey a wax cell I Sam 14:27

HONOR -- Esteem and respect toward God and other people. "Honor toward one's parents" Exodus 20:12 God, the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit are worthy of our highest honor John 5:23

HOOK -- A metal grasping tool. flesh hooks Exodus 27:3; fishhook Matt 17:27; pruning hooks Isa 18:5

HOPE -- Steady and sure faith in God's promises. God's promise of salvation I Thess 5:8 Eternal life I Cor 15:19-26

HOPHNI -- Son of Eli the high priest, a sinful and immoral person who was not considered worthy of conducting priestly duties I Sam 1:3; 2:22-25 He along with his evil brother was killed by the Philistines I Sam 4:1-11

HOR --

HOR, MOUNT -- Moses' brother Aaron died was buried in this mountain in the territory of the Edomites. (Num 20:22-29) Another mountain located in northern Palestine had the same name. (Num 34:7-8)

HORAM -- Joshua's forces defeated this king of Gezer (Josh 10:33)

HOREM -- (ho'-rem) -- Fenced city in the Maptal terrory (Josh 19:38)

HORESH -- David took refuge when pursed by Saul in this place in the desert of Ziph. David met Jonathan at Horesh (1st Sam 23:15-19)

HORITES/HORIMS -- Esau's descendants drove out these inhabitants of Mt. Hermon (Gen 36:20) The Hivites of Joshua's time may have been the same people. (Deut 2:22)

HORN -- An animal's head bonelike protrusion. Also, a symbol of strength. Hab 3:4; Rev 13:1

HORNET -- Gives a painful sting to this wasp-like insect. Symbol of God's judgment against he enemies of His people. Exod 23:28

HORNS OF THE ALTAR -- At the four corners of an altar projections. Exodus 27:1-2 Sacrificial animal blood was sprinkled on these four projections (Exodus 29:12)

HORONAIM (hor'-o-nay'-im) A moabite city in transjordan (Isa 15:5 ; Jer 48:3 , 34)

HORSE -- An animal used for transportation of people and goods (Exodus 47:17) They were also used in warfare, God warned his people not to raise for the use in war. (Deut 17:16)

HORSE GATE -- In the old wall of Jerusalem, Nehemiah mentioned it as having been destroyed and then under his supervision rebuilt. Neh 3:28

HORSELECH (LEECH) -- A parasite that attaches itself to animals and humans and sucks blood, probably a leech (Prov 30:15)

HOSANNA -- A few days before His crucifixion a triumphal shout by the crowds as Jesus entered Jerusalem Matt 21:9, 15

HOSEA/OSEE -- As the first of the Minor Prophets he was referred to as, "The Prophet of the Sorrowful Heart" and the son of Beeri who was a native of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. He was a contemporary of Isaiah and he lived during the reign of Jeroboam II. There is no mention of him except in the Old Testament book that bears his name. The prophet compares an adulterous wife and her husband's unconditional love for her to the unfaithfulness of Israel and the Lord's patience. No one has been able to tell if the story of the unfaithful wife is allegory or fact.

HOSEA, BOOK OF -- Of the Old Testament a prophetic book which compares the physical adultery of the prophet's wife, Gomer, with that of the spiritual adultery or idolatry of God's people. Hosea 1:2-5 ; 2:2-5 God promised His people that He would eventually restore them as His own after a period of punishment at the hand of their enemies just as Hosea redeemed his wife from slavery and restored her as his mate. Hosea 4:1-14:9

HOSEN (TROUSERS) -- Possibly referring to the tunic or inner garment worn during the Old Testament and New Testament times an old English word for trousers. Dan 3:21


HOSPITALITY -- Gracious sharing of provision of lodging and food to strangers. Both in the Old Testament and New Testament kindness toward strangers and travelers was encouraged. Lev 19:33-34; I Pet 4:9

HOST -- A person who was hospitable entertained guests Heb 13:2 or a multitude of people or large crowds. Gen 2:1

HOSTS, LORD OF (LORD ALMIGHTY) -- God's title which emphasizes His sovereignty Isa 1:9; 10:23

HOST OF HEAVEN -- Beings created by God in heaven and associated with His rule of the universe. "a multitude of the heavenly host" Luke 2:13

HOUR -- Between sunrise and sunset the twelfth part of the working day. It varied with the season and the duration of daylight Matt 20:1-12

HOUSE (TENT) -- A building where a family lives. I Sam 9:18 Also used of a clan or all the descendants of a family I Sam 20:16 Also the believer's final dwelling place in heaven II Cor 5:1

HOUSEHOLD -- Those who lived together in the same dwelling or a compound of dwelling members of a family, perhaps including several generation II Sam 6:11 God's household is made of of Believers Eph 2:19

HOUSEHOLD IDOLS -- Kept in the house in the belief that they protected the family, images of pagan gods. Gen 31:19-35

HOUSEHOLDER (OWNER) -- Owner of a house or the head of the household Matt 13:27

HULDAH -- Shallum's wife and a prophetess who foretold the collapse of Jerusalem II Kings 22:14-20

HUMAN SACRIFICE -- A practice of sacrificing children to some pagan god II Kings 3:26-27 Of Bible times this was common among the pagan religions, but God specifically prohibited it. Lev 20:2-5; Deut 18:10

HUMILITY -- The opposite of pride and arrogance. The recognition that all we are and everything we own are gifts from God Rom 12:3; I Pet 5:5

HUNTER -- A person who hunts and kills wild animals. A descendant of Noah, Nimrod was called a mighty hunter Gen 10:9

HUR -- A man who assisted Aaron to hold up the arms of Moses to give the victory over the Amalekites to the Israelites Exodus 24:14

HUSBAND -- In a marriage relationship the male partner. Paul called on male believers to love their wives Eph 5:25

HUSBANDMAN (FARMER) -- A tiller of the soil or farmer Gen 9:20 The farmer often took a share of the crops as payment for his labor. II Tim 2:6

HUSHAI -- King David's friend and advisor II Sam 15:32-37 During Absalom's revolt Hushai remain loyal to David II Sam 17:1-16

HUSKS (PODS) -- The fruit which is a type of locust from the carob tree. In order to survive the prodigal son in Jesus’ parable was reduced to eating this coarse and unappetizing food. Luke 15:16

HYMENAEUS -- Was excommunicated by Paul an early Christian who denied the faith I Tim 1:19-20; II Tim 2:16-17

HYMN -- A song of thanksgiving and praise to God Eph 5:19 After they finished the last supper Jesus and His disciples sang a hymn. Matt 26:30

HYPOCRITE -- Someone who pretends to be something he or she is not. Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites Matt 23:13-29

HYSSOP -- Used in purification ceremonies Exodus 12:22 Symbolic of spiritual cleansing Ps 51:7 Hyssop was offered to Jesus on the cross John 19:29