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ZAANAIM (zay'-a-nay'-im)/ ZAANANNIAM (zay'-a-a-nan'-im) In the land of Naphtali (Josh 19:33) a location where Heber the Kenite had made a camp and his wife killed the general of the army of Jabin, Sisera, King of Hazor (Judges 4:11)

ZABAD (zay'-bad) A proper name (1st Chron 2:36-37; 7:21; 11:41 ; 2nd Chron 24:26 ; Ezra 10:27 , 33 , 43 )

ZABDI (zab'-die) Personal name (1st Chron 8:19; 27:27; Neh 11:17)

ZABDIEL (zab'-di-el) Personal name (1st Chron 27:2 1st Mac 11:17)

ZACCHAEUS -- Zacchaeus was hated by his countrymen because he was the chief tax collector in Jericho. He climbed a sycamore tree to look over the crowds to see Jesus. Jesus called him down from the tree and invited himself to Zacchaeus home. Because of this many people murmured against Jesus for associating with publicans and sinners. Zacchaeus repentant-ed and made restitution for all his misdeeds. Luke 19:1-10

ZACHARIAH -- Successor and the son of Jeroboam II as king of Israel. His reign lasted about three months 753-752 BC before Shallum assassinated him. II Kings 14:29; 15:8-12

ZACHARIAS (ZECHARIAH) -- The angel, Gabriel, appeared to Zachariah foretold the birth of a son to him and his wife Elizabeth while he ministered in the temple. Zachariah didn't believe him and was struck dumb, and his speech would not return until the child had been born and named John as the angel had directed. John the Baptist would become the forerunner of Christ. Zachariah composed Benedictus which is used in the liturgy of the church today. Luke 1:5-67; 3:2

ZADOK -- Served as priest under David and Solomon for a time and anointed Solomon King. II Sam 8:17; I King 1:39; 2:35

ZAHAM (zay'-ham) King of Judah a son of Rehoboam (922-915 B.C. 2nd Chron 11:19)

ZAIMRI - Zaimri, a military officer only ruled for seven days after seizing the throne of Israel when he slew King Elah. Another faction proclaimed the commander of the army, Omri as king. who besieged the capital. When Zaimri saw the city would be taken by taken by Omri, he set fire to the palace and was killed in the flames.

ZAIN -- In the Hebrew alphabet the seventh letter used as a heading over Ps 119:49-56

ZALMONAH -- A camping place in the wilderness for the Israelites Num 33:41-42

ZALMUNNA -- A Midianite king who was killed by Gideon's army Judg 8:4-21

ZAMZUMMINS (ZANZUMMITES, ZAMZUMMIM) -- A race of giants who lived in a region that was later occupied by the Ammonites Deut 2:20, 21

ZARED (ZERED) -- Near the Dead Sea a brook and valley that was crossed by the Israelites during their wilderness wandering Num 21:12

ZAREPHATH/SAREPTA -- Elijah restored a window's son to life in this coastal town of Phoenicia. During a drought Elijah lodged with her. 1st King 17:10-24 Sarepta Luke 4:26

ZEAL -- Determination and Ardent desire Phil 3:6 Isaiah predicted the "zeal of the Lord" would establish the Messiah's kingdom Isa 9:7

ZEALOT -- Zealot was a member of a fanatical Jewish sect that militantly opposed the Roman domination of Palestine during the first and second century A.D. They would tolerate no passivity or compromise toward the foreign power. They promoted direct action in an attempt to put an end to the Roman occupation. They had very poor military forces by praying and hoping for initiative would unchain the massive forces of heaven to help them. When the Jews rebelled against the Romans and tried to gain their independence, a group of the most fervent Jewish nationalists called themselves "Zealots." They thought of themselves as following in the footsteps of men like Simon and Levi <Gen. 34:1_31>, Phineas <Num. 25:1_13>, and Elijah <1 Kin. 18:40; 19:10_14> who were devoted supporters of the Lord and His laws and who were ready to fight for them. Like the PHARISEES, the Zealots were devoted to the Jewish law and religion. But unlike most Pharisees, they thought it was treason against God to pay tribute to the Roman emperor, since God alone was Israel's king. They were willing to fight to the death for Jewish independence. The Zealots eventually degenerated into a group of assassins known as SICARII (Latin, daggermen). Their increasing fanaticism was one factor that provoked the Roman Jewish war. At the time of the census order by Quirinivs (Acts 5:37) they were distorted by other groups. They succeeded in getting the whole nation in the Jewish war with the Romans. During the reign of Hadrian in 132-135 A.D. the Zealots provoked the second rebellion against the Romans. The Zealots took control of Jerusalem in A. D. 66, a move that led to the siege of Jerusalem and its fall in A. D. 70. The last stronghold of the Zealots, the fortress of Masada, fell to the Romans in A. D. 73.In the list of evangelists Simon one of the twelve is called Zealot, the Aramaic equivalent of "Zealot" This is how Mark 3:18 list him as "Simon the Canaanean" Luke 6:15 Matt 10:4 Acts 1:13; There are no indication that Simon being linked to the Zealot. Most likely Zealots are the fanatic group that vowed during his trial at Jerusalem to kill Paul Acts 23:12-15

ZEBADIAH -- One of David's army commanders who directed 24,000 warriors I Chron 27:7

ZEBAH (zee'-bah) & ZAIMUNNA (zee'-bah) They were Midianite Kings who led fifteen thousand men and were defeated by Gideon at the East of the Dead Sea at Karor in the Sirham Valley. ( Judg 8:21)

ZEBEDEE -- (zeb'-e-dee) Zebedee was the husband of Salome (Mark 15:40; Matt 27:56) and the father of John and James, both disciples of Jesus. He was a well-to-do fisherman in Galilee. Matthew 4 ; Mark 1 who wife apparently contributed to support Jesus. Mark 15:40

ZEBIDAH (ze-by'dah) King Jerhoicakin of Judah mother

ZEBOIM/ZEBOIIM (ze-boy'-im) -- In the time of Abraham (Gen 14:21) south of the Dead Sea, one of the cities which the puniture expedition of the King of the East was directed. When sodum and Gomorrah (Gen 19:24-26; Deut 29:22 Hos 11:8) it was also destroyed. Deut 29:32 Zebollm: Gen 14:8

ZEBUL (zee'-bul) Shechem's Governor, who remained loyal to Abimelech when the son of Ebedj, Goal tried to rouse the people against him. A message was sent to Abimelech from Zebul advising him to come with his men by night and surprise Goal. Goal and his army was routed Judges (9:30-41)

ZEBULUN (zeb'-you-lm) /ZABULON -- Zebulun was Jacob's tenth son and the sixth by Leah. (Gen 30:20; 32:23 ; 46:15 ; Ez 1:3) He was the founding father of the Israeline trible called Zebulun. It was established in Galilee north of Camel and of the plains of Jezreel toward the Mediterranean Coast (Josh 19:10-16 ; Gen 49:13 ; Deut 33:18) The Tribe fought against Jabin's army under his general Sisera ( Judge 4:6 ; 5:18) with Barak aid and with Gideon against the aliens of Midian, Amalek and men from the East (Judges 6:35). Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria in the reign of Pekah in Israel occupied the Territory (734 B.C. Isa 8:23)

ZEHCARIAH: In the Hebrew Bible the most common name. Derived from the Hebrew meaning "The Lord has remembered" When translated into English it is Zachariah, Zacharias, and Zachary.

ZEHCARIAH/ HEBREW PROPHET -- Prophet of the kingdom of Judah, His writing the book of Zechariah.

ZECHARIAH/ZACHARIAS -- The father of John the Baptist

ZECHARIAH OF ISRAEL -- Reigned for six months in 752 B.C. as King of Israel.

ZECHARIAH BEN JEHOIADA -- Son of the High Priest in the times of Joash and Ahaziah


ZECHARIAH, BOOK OF -- Book of the Old Testament known as a prophetic book to encourage the Jewish people, Zechariah through a series of eight visions Zech 1:7-6:8 and four specific messaged from God Zech 7:4-8:23 God's promises for the future, the coming of the Messiah Zech 9:9-10:12 Restoration of the nation of Israel Zech 10:1-12 The universal reign of God Zech 14:1-14

ZEDEKIAH/MATTANIAH -- He reigned about 597-587 BC as the last king of Judah after being renamed, original name was Mattaniah (mat’-a-ny’-ah) III Kings 24:17, and placed on the throne as a puppet ruler by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia II Kings 24:15 , 17 He refused to listed to Jeremiah's advice and rebelled against the Babylonians to be blinded and taken to Babylon in chains after observing his sons put to death II Kings 25:6-7

ZEEB -- Killed by Gideon's army he was a Midianite prince Judg 7:25

ZEHRH (zir'-ah)

ZELAH (ZELA) -- In the territory of Benjamin where King Saul and his son Jonathan were buried. II Sam 21:14

ZELOPHEHAD -- He was a member of the tribe of Manasseh and had no sons, but his five daughters petitioned for the right to inherit his property. Their request was granted as long as the marry inside the tribe Num 26:33; 27:1-8

ZELOTES (ZEALOT) -- In the New Testament time members of a political-religious party of zealot Jews whose mission was to overthrow the Roman rule and establish a Jewish theocracy. Simon the Canaanite one of Jesus's disciples sympathetic with its views or may of been a member. Luke 6:15

ZENAS -- Paul was spending the winter at Nico-polis and he asked Titus to bring Zenas who was a Christian Lawyer. Titus 3:12-13

ZEPHANIAH -- A priest and friend of Jeremiah and he wrote the book of Zephaniah, and it remains as the ninth of the Minor Prophets. His royal blood was handed down to him by his great grandfather, Hezekiah. He often served as a messenger between Jeremiah and King Zedekiah of Judah Jer 21:1-2 During the time of King Josiah he was a prophet and helped him greatly in his program of reforms for Judah. He was killed by the Babylonians after Jerusalem fell Jer 52:24-27

ZEPHON (zee'-fon) Gad's eldest son (Num 26:15)

ZEPHANIAH, BOOK OF -- A short prophetic book in the Old Testament known best for its vivid portrayal of the certainty of God's judgment against the nation of Judah. Zep 1:1 -2:15

ZEPHATH/HORMAH (zee’-fath) -- At the time of the conquest near Kadesh a Canaanite town destroyed by the tribes of Judah and Simeon. Is was then occupied by the tribe of Simeon and renamed Hormah Num 21:3 Judg 1:17

ZER -- Allotted to Naphtali a fortified town in the Territory (Josh 19:35)


ZERED (zer'-ed) Wadi el-hesa was the biblical name of this river which flows into the Dead Sea's Southeast end. Num 12:12; Deut 2:13 In the 35-mile course it takes it falls 3,900 feet.

ZEREDAH (zer'-dah) A city of Ephrain, before his rebellion against Solomon Jeroboam's place of origin and residence 1st Kings 11:26; 2nd Chron 4:17

ZERESH (zer'-esh) Wife of Haman, king Ahosuerus' minster who was hostile to the Jews, Esth 5:14  6:13

ZEROR (zer'-or) King Saul's ancestor 1st Sam 9:1

ZERUAH (zir-oo'-ah) King Jeroboam I of Israel's mother. 1st Kings 11:26

ZERUBBABEL (ze-rub'-a-bel) /ZOROBABEL/SHESH-BAZZAR –Son of Shealtiel (Ezra 3:2; 5:2 ; Hag 1:1-12) or possibly of Pedaheh (1st Chron 3:19 ) Zerubbabel was a prince of Judah; appointed as leader of the second group of returning exiles (520 BC) under the Persian domination at the time of Darius (522-486 B.C.) He was then appointed governor of Judah by King Cyrus of Judah. (Hag 2:21 Ezra 2:2) Zerubbabel started once more the reconstruction of the Temple (Hag 1:1-2; Zech 4:9) when he was encouraged by the prophets Hagagai and Zechariah. He helped restore religious practices among his people. Zech 4:1-14 Ezra 6:14-22 Zorobabel: Jesus's ancestry Matt 1:12 Shesh-bazzar: Ezra 5:14 His Davidic lineage is Matthew 1:12

ZERUIAH (ze-roo'-yah) David's sister, the father is ignored but the following were identified as her sons, Joab, Abishai, and Asahel 2nd sam 2:18; 1st Chron 2:16

ZIBA -- King Saul's former servant who helped David locate Jonathan's son Mephibosheth. On the land restored by the king he became Mephibosheth's servant. II Sam 9:2-11

ZIF (ZIV) -- In the Hebrew year it is the second month, corresponding to Iyyar in the later Jewish Calendar I Kings 6:1, 37

ZIGGURAT -- It was used for pagan worship with a shrine on top but it was a tall Mesopotamian temple tower, built like a pyramid with staircases on the outside. An example would be the Tower of Babel Gen 11:1-9

ZIKLAG -- It was a city that was located on the border of Judah, King Achish of Gath assigned it to David as a place of refuge from King Saul Ist Sam 27:5-6

ZILPAH -- Jacob's concubine who was Leah's maid who bore two of his twelve sons, Gad and Asher Gen 30:9-13

ZIMRAN -- Abraham's son by his concubine Keturah Gen 25:1-2

ZIMRI -- King Elah of Israel chariot commander who killed the king and assumed the throne (885 BC) He then commit suicide seven days later to escape the wrath of Omri"s army. I Kings 16:8-18

ZIPPER -- King of Moab and the father of Balak (Num 22:2; 23:18; Josh 24:9)

ZIN -- Near the Dead Sea a desert wilderness through which the Hebrews passed. Moses' sister Miriam was buried there. Num 20:1

ZION/SION -- One of the hills that Jerusalem was built on. It was also a site of an ancient Jebusite fortress before the city was captured by David. Many-times all of Jerusalem is referred to as Zion I King 8:1

ZIPH -- David hid from King Saul in this city in the hill country of Judah I Sam 23:14-18

ZIPPORAH (zip'-o-rah) -- One of Jethro, The Priest of Midian, seven daughters, the wife of Moses and mother of Moses’ sons Gershom and Eliezer Exodus 2:15, 21-22 When Moses returned to Egypt Zipporah and her children remained with her father Ex. 18: 2-4

ZIV -- Hebrew Calendar the second month 1st Kings 6:1 , 37

ZIZA (zie'-za) King Rehoboam of Judah ( 2nd Chron 11:20)

ZOAR/BELA -- Along with Sodom and Gomorrah it was a city of Canaan that was destroyed because of its sins Gen 19:20-25 In Gen 14:2 it was also known as Bela.

ZOBAH (zoe'-bah) /ZOBA/HAMATH-SOBAH -- An Aramean kingdom in the valley of Bega between Anti-Lebanon and Lebanon. Its territories pressed upon the Assyrians and extended to the Euphrates River in 1000 B.C. As early as Saul's time (1st Sam 14:47) and then another defeat (2nd Sam 10) and then another defeat for Hadadezar (2nd Sam 8:3-8) Zobah was rich in Siver In 732 B.C. even with it being subjugated by Assyria its traders continued to prosper in western Asia. I Sam 14:47 Zoba: II Sam 10:6, 8 Hamath-Zobah II Chron 8:3

ZOPHAR (zor'-har (light) / ZARAH, ZERAH/ZERAH --

ZORAH/ZAREAH/ZOREAH -- It was near the territory of Dan in the lowlands of Judah where the place that Judge Samson was born. He was also buried there by his family. Its valley provides and easy approach from Jerusalem to the Coastal plains. Judg 13:24-25 Zareah; Neh 11:29 Zoreah : Josh 15:33

ZUPH -- While searching for his father's lost donkeys it was in this land that Saul first met the prophet, Samuel. I Sam 9:5-14

ZUR -- During the wilderness wandering years it was the Midianite king killed by the Israelites. Num 31:8

ZUZIM (zoo'-zim) (ZUZITES) -- In Transjordan the city of Ham east of the Jordan River at the time of Abraham a race of giants or a pre-Israelite people lived who was defeated by Chedorlaomer and the Kings of the East. Gen 14:5 These pre-Israelites may of also been called the Zamzummim who were a great and numerous people and as tall as the Anakin.