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UCAL -- Proverbs in the book of Proverbs are addressed to this unknown person Prov 30:1

ULAI -- When Daniel saw the vision of the ram and goat he was standing beside this river of Persia Dan 8:2-16

UNBELIEF -- Refusal to acknowledge and believe in God and His works John 16:9 Satan's power causes unbeif John 8:43-47 Having an evil heart Heb 3:12 Having pride and self-gloricication John 5:44 God rejects those who refect the gospel John 3:18-20

UNCIRCUMCISED -- A Jewish term used for Gentiles Rom 2:25-29 and a term used for wickedness or impurity of any kind Jer 6:10

UNCLEAN -- A term for ritual, physical, or spiritual impurity -- this condition called for a rituals of purification Lev 11-15

UNCLEAN ANIMALS -- Only animals that chewed the cud and were cloven-footed were considered clean and suitable for eating under the Mosaic law. Lev 11:2-3 Even touching an unclean animal made a person unclean Lev 11:8

UNICORN (WILD OX) -- Probably the wild ox, but a large animal of great strength Num 23:22 Yoking it and controlling its power was considered impossible Job 39:9-11

UNPARDONABLE SIN -- Attributing the work of Christ to Satan, Mark 3:22-30 and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Decisively and finally rejecting the testimony of the Holy Spirit, Rejecting Christ as the son of God and our Savior.

UNTEMPERED MORTAR (WHITEWASH) -- Placed on the exterior walls of building a thin layer of clay used as a protective coating. It is used figuratively of the futile promises of false prophets Ezek 13:10-15 ; 22:28

UPHAZ -- Perhaps the same place as Ophir but a place in Arabia where gold was obtained Jer 10:9

UPPER ROOM -- Room usually built on the roof of a house and used in the summer when the other parts of the house was to hot , it being cooler. Mark 14:15 Jesus last meal with His disciples was a site like this. Luke 22:12

UR OF THE CHALDEES (UR OF THE CHALDEANS) -- Before being called by the Lord to go to Canaan, Abraham lived his early life in this city in Mesopotamia with his wife, Sarah, and his father Terah. Gen 11:28 , 31

URBANE (URBANUS) -- A believer of Christ greeted and commended by Paul Rom 16:9


In David's army he was a Hittite general. David desired his wife, Bathsheba, and in order to secure her David gave
instructions to Joab that Uriah be placed in the front lines in battle to be killed. II Samuel 11:3-26 ; 12:9-15 ; 23:39

 (2)   Name for the prophet Urijah in the NIV, NRSV

URIJAH (URIAH) -- In Jeremiah's time a faithful prophet that predicted God's judgment on Judah and was killed by King Jerhoiakim for predicting it. Jer 26:20

URIM AND THUMMIN -- In the breastplate of the high priest Exod 28:30 Two objects possibly colored stones cast as lots to help determine God's will Num 27:21

USURY (INTEREST) -- Under the Mosaic Law Jews could not charge interest to other Jews only from non-Jews. Lev 25:36-37 Nehemiah denounced those in Neh 5:7 , 10 for breaking that law.

UZ -- West of the Arabian desert a place in southern Edom where Job lived Job 1:1 Jer 25:20

UZZA (UZZAH) -- An Israelite while carting it to Jerusalem was struck dead for touching the ark of the covenant. I Chron 13:7-11

UZZIAH/ AZARIAH/OZIAS -- He reigned as king of Judah about 767-740 BC. He was the successor and the sone of Amaziah. He was a noted city builder and a godly king II Chron26:1-5 He was called Uzziah in II Chronicles 26, Originally his name was Azariah (see Azariah)