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I AM -- At the burning bush with Moses it is the name by which God revealed Himself, It shows His unsearchableness, eternity, and self-existence Exod 3:14

IBHAR -- Born at Jerusalem after David became king, David's son (2nd Sam 5:15 ; 2nd Chron 3:6 14:5

IBLEAM (ib'-le-am) -- Listed as a city in the lane of Issachar, and then later in that of Manasseh (Josh 17:11-12) Probably not until the time of the monarchy did it become Israelite. (Judges 1:27) A Levitical city of Manasseh ( 1st Chron 6:55)

IBZAN -- Ibzan was the judge of Israel for seven years after Jephthah. Born and a native of Bethlehem seven miles northwest of Nazareth and the father of thirty sons and thirty daughters. Many of the daughters married outside the clan, When he died he was buried in Gethlaham (Judges 12: 8 - 10)

I-CHABOD -- Grandson of Eli and the son of Phinehas priest of Shiloh. . His dying mother gave him this symbolic name meaning "inglorious" when she learned that Eli and Phinehas were dead and the ark of the covenant had been captured in the battle of Aphek against the Philistines. ( I Sam 4:19-22) Ahijah was priest during Saul's reign and I-chabod's name apprears in the genealogy of Ahijah. (1st Sam 14:3)

ICONIUM -- Near Lystra and the capital city of Lycaonia in Asia Minor in the Roman province of Galatic after 25 B.C. On the first missionary journey Paul and Barnabas introduced Christianity here during their first apostolica journey. (Acts 13:51 ; 14:1, 21-22) On his second journey Paul apparently visited again.( Acts 16:1-7) even thought it is not mentions only the nearby cities of Derbe and Lystra.


IDLENESS -- Laziness or inactivity that was condemned in Proverb Prov 24:30-34 and by Paul II Thess. 3:10

IDOL, IDOLATRY -- Eidolon, a Greek word that means "image"

IOL, IDOLATRY -- The worship of something created rather than the Creator of false gods. Rom 1:25 In the New Testament idolatry is anything that comes between you the believer and God Col 3:5, Isaiah the prophet described the folly of idolatry Isa 44:9-20 Elijah worked to overthrow Baal worship in Israel I Kings 18:17-40 The first two of the Ten Commandments prohibited Idolatry Exod 20:3-4 Abraham migrated to another land, Canaan to get away form idol worship Josh 24:2-3 Some of the idol mentioned in the Bible are, the golden calves of Aaron Exod 32:4 statue of King Jeroboam II Chron 11:15 Dagon, the grain god of the Philistines Judg 16:23

IGAL -- Representing the tribe of Issachar one of the twelve spies who scouted the land of Canaan Num 13:7

IGNORANCE -- Lack of understanding or knowledge. Premeditated sins are greater sins then sins of ignorance Lev 4:2-14 ; Num 15:30-31 ignorance sins are still destructive Hos4:6 All sins require repentance Acts 17:30-31

ILLYRICUM -- Paul mentioned Illyricum as the furthermost point to which he had traveled which is a district on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Rom 15:19

IMAGE -- An representation or exact likeness of some object. much of the time it was for idolatrous worship which God warned Israel to destroy Exod 34:13-17

IMAGE OF GOD -- By our sinning we have marred that image that Humans were created to perfectly reflect God's image, but we have the potential to be molded back into reflecting God's image Rom 8:28-30 The invisible God's image is Jesus Col 1:15 Man expresses God's image when he is in the right relation with God. Gen 1:26-28

IMIAH -- Prophet Micaiah's father (1st Kings 22:8-9)

IMMORALITY -- Established moral principles or laws that are violated by our behavior. Outside of marriage this word is used to condemn illicit sexual activity Prov 2:16 ; Rom 1:26-27 It is also used to describe the worship of pagan gods by Israel. Ezek 23:8

IMMUTABILTIY -- Refers to God's unchangeableness attribute of God's nature. Mal 3:6 God's mercy is constant, the unchangeable nature of Christ assures us that. Heb 13:8 God offers an anchor of hope for all believers who are the "heirs of promise " because God cannot lie. Heb 6:17-19

IMPARTIALITY -- Fairness and Justness In His loving concern for all person God is impartial II Pet 3:9 His command for repentance Rom 3:6 All persons who are cleansed by the Lord are brothers in Christ. Acts 10:15 , 34-35

IMPUTATION -- To transfer something to another person. Adam's sin was transfered to everyone born, Rom 5:12 Our iniquity was place on Jesus which he took to the cross Isa 53:5-6 and He bore all of man kind sins John 1:29 When Jesus, the second Adam, was placed on the cross all of our sins who put their trust in Him were transfered to Him Rom 5:17-19

INCARNATION OF CHRIST -- In human form the birth and existence of Christ. The Old Testament prophets foretold of this Isa 7:14 When Jesus was born as human into the world he was described as "the Word ......made flesh John 1:14 A mark of the Christian is the belief in the incarnation of Christ I John 4:2-3

INCENSE -- Extracted from gums or spices and used in worship ceremonies a sweet perfume. On the altar of Incense in the tabernacle is where the priest burned the incense. Exod 30:7-8

INCEST -- Prohibited by the Levitical law Lev 18: 6-12 it was having sex relations with members of one's own family. Such a serious offense that it was punishable by death Lev 20:11-17 Reuben committed incest with his father's concubine Gen 35:22 and Lot with his two daughters Gen 19:30-38

INDIA --Served as the eastern limit of the Persian Empire a region near the Indus River. Esther 1:1 ; 8:9 Scholars believe the modern nations of India and Pakistan covered essentially this India

INDIFFERENCE -- Lack of concern and interest, behavior characteristic of backsliders and unbelievers Rev 3:15-16 Moral callousness comes from indifference Matt 27:3-4 ; Acts 18:12-16

INFIDEL (UNBELIEVER) -- An unbeliever I Tim 5:8 The punishment for an infidel is eternal separation from God II Thess 1:8-9 Infidelity is caused by hatred of the light John 3:20 an unregenerate heart Rom 2:5

INHERITANCE -- Rights or a gift of property passed from one generation to another. A father's possessions in ancient Israel were passed on to his living sons, with a double portion going to the oldest son. Deut 21:17 All believers became God's adopted children with full inheritance rights Gal 4:5-7

INIQUITY (WICKEDNESS) -- Evil, sin, or wickedness. Evil or Iniquity originates in the heart or from within is taught by Jesus. Matt 23:28 Believers are redeemed by Christ from their iniquity, purifies them and sets them apart for His service Titus 2:14

INK -- Fluid used for writing. Probably a mixture of water, charcoal or soot and gum for the earliest ink. The scribe Baruch when writing Jeremiah's prophecies used ink Jer 36:18

INKHORN -- Probably made from the horn of an animal and carried on a belt, a carrying case for ink and pens. Ezek 9:2-11

INN -- Lodging for travelers which provided them with shelter. Inns in Jesus time were often crude stopping places with no indoor accommodations and the buildings provided shelter for the people and their animals together. Luke 2:7

INSPIRATION -- Divine influence. The source of human understanding is God's inspiration. Job 32:8 God has inspired Scripture for our correction and instruction II Tim 3:16 The Holy Spirit moved holy men to record God's message and to prophesy II Pet 1:20-21 God has communicated in various ways with man, visions Ezek 11:24-25 ; dreams Dan 7:1 ; and voice Rev 1:10-11

INTERCESSION --Some one praying for some one else's behalf. For those who were crucifying Him Christ made intercession for them. Luke 23:34 Of the early church the Elders were instructed to pray for the sick Jas 5:14-16 Paul prayed for Esrael Rom 10:1 Paul prayed for the Colossians to grow spiritually Col 1:9-12 Our high priest, Christ lives to make intercession for us Heb 7:25-26 We are helped by the Holy Spirit to intercede for others. Rom 8:26

INTERCESSOR -- An advocate for others Isa 59:16 Sodom was interceded by Abraham to be spared Gen 18:23-32 Paul encouraged intercession for all people I Tim 2:1-2 Christ is the intercessor or advocate for all Christians Heb 7:25-26

INTERMARRIAGE -- Marriage between members of different religions or races. Intermarriage of the idolatrous Canaanites and the Israelites was forbidden by God Josh 23:12-13 The Corinthians Christians were counseled by Paul not to marry unbelievers II Cor 6:14-17

INTERMEDIATE STATE -- Some believe this is a condition of believers when they are between death and the resurrection. Characterized this state as being "absent from the body" by Paul II Cor 5:8 while awaiting the resurrection I Thess 4:13-18 and anticipating a glorified body as Jesus has Phil 3:20-21 In the New Testament this condition is also characterized as a sleep-like state John 11:11 that is enjoyable Ps 17:15 and unchangeable II Cor 5:1

IRON (1) First mentioned in Gen 4:22 an ancient metal, It was used mostly to make weapons Job 20:24 and tools I Kings 6:7

In the territory of Naphtali a fortified city Josh 19:38 also known as Beth-shemesh and Yiron

ISAAC -- Isaac father Abraham was 100 and his wife Sarah was 90 when they were promised by God. Isaac means "he laugher" because when God promised his parents a child they both laughed because of their age. God tested Abraham by telling him to take Isaac to Mount Moriah and to sacrifice him. Before he could God stopped him and gave him a ram to sacrifice, he was tested to see if he would submit to the will of God. A servant was sent to choose a wife for Isaac when he was about 40 years old. The servant returned with Rebekah and they had twins named Esau and Jacob. Isaac was a mild, gracious, kind man and was almost blind for fifty years. The custom was for the oldest son to receive the blessing from the father, because of his blindness by cunningly diverted the blessing which was intended for Esau, the elder to Jacob, because Jacob was her favorite. Once the blessing had been bestowed on one child it could not be recalled for any reason. After the blessing Jacob left to himself a wife. At the age of 180 died at Hebron and was buried beside his father in the cave at Machpelah. Genesis 17 , 21 , 22 , 24--28 , 35 , 48--50 ; Exodus 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 , 32 , 33

ISAIAH/ESAIAS -- Isaiah was considered one of the greatest of the prophets because of his message, and is frequently referred to as the Messianic. He was a contemporary of Micah, Amos, Hosea. He was the son of Amoz, (not Amos) and directed his prophesy to Judah while he lived in Jerusalem. He was a man of some rank because he had access to the kings, served approximately forty years under Uzziah, 740 -701 B.C. Jotham, Ahab and Hezekiah. Because of their evil ways, lack of faith, and trust Isaiah denounced foreign alliances and warned the people of the judgment of God which would come upon them. Israel and Judah would be destroyed Assyria was the implement of this punishment, with Isaiah foretelling that a remnant would survive. There would be a new Jerusalem and God's righteousness would prevail. Isaiah message repeatedly speaks of the Messiah coming and also prophesied his rejection and suffering. II Kings 19 , 20 , ; II Chronicles 26, 32 ; Isaiah. His name was extended to the nation of Israel Exod 3:16

ISAIAH, BOOK OF -- Some Bible students call Isaiah the "fifth Gospel" for it echoes the New Testament themes of redemption and salvation. Jesus identified with this book's promise of comfort and healing for God's people at the start of His public ministry. Isa 61:1 Luke 4:18-19 Noted for its prediction of the coming Messiah it is a major prophetic book of the Old Testament. Isa 7:14 ; 9:7 Emphasis on the Messiah as God's suffering servant Isa 42:1-9 ; 49:1-6 ; 50:4-9 ; 52:13--53:12 It also predicted that God would punish Judah because of its idolatry and rebellion Isa 1:1-12:6

ISHI -- To be given to God when the Israelites returned to Him, A symbolic name meaning "my husband" Baali (title), a former title used by the Israelites for God. Baali would not be used because Baal was associated with a pagan god.

ISHMAEL -- Abraham's son born to Hagar Sarah's Egyptian maid. Gen 16:1-11 Due to Sarah's jealousy and apprehension Ishmael and his mother, Hagar, Sarah's handmaid were sent away. They made their home in the northern part of the Sinal Peninsula in the wilderness of Paran. The Ishmael had twelve sons as God had promised with an Egyptian wife. His descendants were the Midianites who today the Moslem Arabs claim Ishmael as their forefather. Genesis 16 , 17 , 21 , 25 , 28

ISRAEL ( 1. ) God gave Jacob the new name of Israel at Jabbok after leaving Laban, his uncle. Genesis 32 , 35 , 37 , 42 , 43 , 45--50 ; I Chronicles 1 , 2 , 5 , 7 , 29
  ( 2. ) A refer to the whole family of Jacob's descendants.
( 3. ) It is a term used to designate the ten Northern tribes who rebelled against the two southern tribes, Rehoboam, son of Solomon, and made Jerobam their first king The capital was Samaria. In 722 BC the Northern Kingdom was carried into captivity by Assyric with Samaria being populated by foreigners II Kings 17:23-24 . II Chronicles 10

ISRAELITES -- Descendants of Jacob or Israel Lev 23:42-43 The Israelites were regarded as children of the covenant and heirs of God's promises to Abraham Gen 12:1-3 ; Rom 9:4 ; 11:1

ISSACHAR -- He was Jacob's ninth son and Leah's fifth son. He gave his name to one of the tribes of Israel, the tribe occupied fertile land bounded on the North by Zebulon and Naphtail, on the south adn west by Manasseh, and on the east by the Jordan River. but not else is known about him. Genesis 30:17-18 , 35 , 46 , 49

ITALIAN BAND (ITALIAN COHORT, ITALIAN REGIMENT -- Stationed in Caesarea a unit of the Roman army. Cornelius was attached to this unit, one of the first Gentile converts to Christianity. Acts 10:1

ITALY -- Between Spain and Greece the boot shaped country which jogs into the Mediterranean Sea Acts 18:2 In the New Testament times Rome the capital city was the seat of the Rome Empire. As a prisoner Paul sailed to Rome Acts 27:1-6 ; 28:14-16

ITHAMAR (ith'-a-mar) -- Aaron's youngest and fourth son who was consecrated as a priest. (Exod 6:23 Num 26:60 ; 1st Chron 6:3 ; 24:1) During the wilderness wanderings he oversaw the tabernacle. Exod 38:21



ITHRA -- Amasa's father (2nd Sam 17:25)

ITHREAM (ith'-re-am) -- David's and Eglah's son born at Hebron (2nd Sam 3:5 ; 1st Chron 3:3)

ITTAI (it'-tie) --

ITURAEA (it'-your-ee'-a) -- A region in Bashan the Greek name for it (Luke 3:1)

ITUREA -- At the base of Mt Hermon a small province in Palestine. Herod Philip ruled this area when John the Baptist began his ministry Luke 3:1

IVORY -- A precious material and was carved especially in the production of objects of ornament in the ancient Middle East. A symbol of luxury was the decorative trim from the tusks of elephants. Trading in ivory Tyre was an active commercial center. ( Ezek 27:15) The "ivory house" is the name given to King Ahab's house. (I Kings 22:39 Amos 3:15 ; Ps 45:8) From Egypt, Mesopotamia and Arabia it was imported to Palestine. (1st Kings 10:22) Solomon's throne was of ivory (1st Kings 10:28 ; 2nd Chron 9:12) and ivory is spoken of highlight luxury and riches in the Bible. The ships of Tyre were ornamented with ivory in (Ezek 27:6) When it states a house or bed of ivory it would be referring to one decorated artistically with ivory pieces, the house or bed would not be entirely made from the precious material..

LYE-ABARIM (eye'-ya-ab'-a-rim) South of Moab on the last leg of the journey of the Israelites through the desert to Canaan. , An encoampment (Num 21:11-12)

IYYAR (ee'-ar) Corresponding to our April-May the second month of the Hebrew calendar.